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theory of the IS-BE

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I tough about something. There is only gods. Who are they? They are us. We might be our own creator, our own amusements, our own puppets.

I considered myself for an atheist for a long time and i did not ever believed in god, and i still do. but i amuse myself by creating theories about everything.

What if we were all creators. What if our spirit is our innerself and our flesh bodies puppets. ( I am going to call the spirits IS-BE since you are The beeing )

Beeing an IS BE gives you plently of advantages. You know about everything in your own univers, the rules applyed to his physics, the species created everywhere. You know absolutly evrything, the end of every calculations, the end of any games, the name of whatever is beeing.

Beeing an IS BE is getting borring, so an IS BE creates. Creat his own unnivers with his own rules, creat his own species, his own formula and start to experiment.

But an IS BE cannot experiment cause he knows. So an IS BE has to forget about himself, forget about his knowlegde, forget about his feelings, about everything he wants then experiment a body. An animal, a cell, an intelligent life form.

An IS BE in experimenting a body created with certain rules start to learn from nothing then dies and get back in his spirit form.

An IS BE will create needs in bodies so they can't be bored. Life is a game of experimentation for them. Once they get back as IS BE they can do it again as they please or create different rules for theyr own amusement.

What if we, humans are jsut all IS-BE experimenting our own creations, rules to our physics, creations of our own true form. What if all of this is just a game.

Words from a thinker Jonathan Claude Plante
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This has been discussed time and time again. What defines reality? This particular subject falls under the category of Metaphysics, in the study of philosophy. There are two ways of looking at things, your hypothesis leans toward the subjective definition of reality, essentially that there is nothing known, but what I know. This viewpoint is not invalid, as it cannot ever be fully invalidated, but fails to account for things which we do not know. Consider, you have never met countless farmers from Sudan, yet they still exist. Not only do they still exist, but they exist within the same rules of physics that you know. Why should their experience be reflected by your own? Doesn't this imply that there is some objective reality, which we are all restricted by? Another point to consider is that there are restrictions placed on our existances which we do not know about. A thousand years ago, quantum mechanics, special relativity, and universal gravitation were undefined, if not altogether unknown. Yet we are all subjects to these laws. How then, if we define the rules of our existence, are there rules which we do not know about.
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