Diablo® III

Where would you live in Sanctuary?


I love the raibow islands with pinatas and ponies!..coz life can be wonderful and without worries!

In must be in sanctuary, adrias hut is a cool place.
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sewers of caldeum.

give us transmog
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I would live in mount arreat on diablo 2

Hope you guys like my answer.

I like snow.

I like barbs.

I like the epic diablo 2 arreat music.
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As the first reply said. I would be living in Leah's bed.

Love them red heads.
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Another stupendous forum topic.
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listening to deckard cain before he dies and then go back to d2 and chill with the hell bovines
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If i was going to pick a spot would be, Right were you teleport in highlands crossing. If way point wasn't there be nice location with fort or little shack with water fall rainbow over the river just nice view.. My pests would be Dark moon Clan, How i would deal with these pest if there was evasion, By the Dark moon Clan, I would Cast mass confusion sit back sipping on my Jungel juice And enjoy the show! (^_^)
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Moo Moo Farm, without a doubt.
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Lult Golan from act 2 in D2; seems nice
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Pandemonium Fortress in Diablo II seemed like a good place to live.
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At the top of the silver spire, in a bubble, thinking Sanctuary is in a state of near perfection, when all the while many of its citizens are bubbling over with angst over the lack of communication from me because in actuality, Sanctuary is, and has always been, crumbling into ruin.
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Dahlgur Oasis
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01/22/2013 03:15 PMPosted by fadetoblack
Scosglen, hangin out with druids talking about how awesome nature is.

Druid-brofist ftw!
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01/22/2013 04:31 PMPosted by dajusta
Umm I want to live in a part of sanctuary that deals with fixing the game and not fooling players with BS like this.

If you think anyone's trying to fool anyone then you sir are a fool...

Look at the Job title FOR Vaeflare. She is a community manager. Here job is to manage(guessing here) the North america forums, along with her crew ofc. Notice how other blues like Lylirra have almost no posts, but half the polls and diablo stuff on the homepage comes from her?

All and all, stop giving people a hard time for doing THEIR job!
Unless your point is that they should stop doing there jobs, and giving you updates...(And why does everyone expect updates 7-days a week? How many of you work 7-day weeks? Or even work? Ignorance ain't so blissful now... )
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They're asking this now since "inside of Jay Wilson's nightmare" is no longer a valid option.
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As a:

Witch Doctor: After gathering some talented children from cities and villages, set a place on Dahlgur Oasis and teach them spiritual and magical doutrines. Sleep on the ground, eat what nature or hunting provides, no roof to block the sun or rain or wind.

Monk: Alone in small hut on Highlands, next to some river amd trees. After cleaning the lore from evil, should be peacefully enough for daily training and meditation. Sometimes, travel to New Tristam;

Demon Hunter: Be around Bastion`s Keep, report to some duties, but not fully getting into the army. Have no hierarchy, not much friends, just a wolf companion.

Barbarian: Live with no home at all. Always traveling where war calls, training soldiers, helping resolving conflicts and, in most times, taking part in a battle.

Wizard: Live on Caldeum or some near well populated village. Create affairs, have contact with citizens, the Iron Guard, shop and tavern owners, be always well informed of anything that happens inside and outside. Also, have privile access to the royal library, where could find rare texts and books
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I'll live in the Oasis. Love the blue aura in that place.
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