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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7


Any plans to update the legendary items that consistently roll with useless stats (Frostburns, Fury of the Vanished Peak, Diabos, etc... )? There's other options that completely blow them away even if they have some cool unique factor, id actually like to see some of these cool unique abilities in real games =/
Many players have complained that the BoA requirement for the new crafting recipes makes them less desirable items to attempt crafting. While I understand the intention behind these new recipes is to give players a way to obtain decent low to mid level endgame gear without using the AH, it would also suck to craft a high end piece of gear and not be able to sell it. Is there any possibility of striking a middle ground on this issue, and allowing a player to unbind a piece of gear for a large gold cost (~5 million), so that players have the option of selling high end crafted gear at a profit if they so choose?
In the past, you've mentioned that, although you wanted to release dueling into D3, the system wasn't ready yet. However, the system that's being released is simple and straightforward--basically just a big ole' room where we can run around and beat each other up. "It doesn't keep score and there are no objectives."

With the assumption that that's not what took months and months to design, can we get a little more information on what kind of systems you guys had in mind?
Hi, please explain us, why unsocketing Marquise cost 5mil ?

We want flexible system, to change gems when we farm (ruby) to uber bosses (amethyst).
We want to swap ruby and emerald in weapons.

I know you want gold sink, but trust me, if unsocketing costs 50k gold, it will be much much more sink than 5mil, because players WILL actually unsocket them and swap often.
This way, you are creating gems that 99,9 players wont use.
Other than that, I have no problem with crafting cost, just with unsocketing.

Thanks !
I have a question considering the XP increasement with Monster Power in this patch. Don't you think that leveling a new character will be pretty fast if the player decides to start on MP10?

I recently made a new Wizard of my own and started playing on MP10 and the XP bonus rate seemed fine. But now with 510% bonus experience I think that the difficulty of the first settings (Normal, Nightmare & Hell) will drop greatly.
I really like the improvements you've made to crafting to make it feel more appealing in 1.0.7

It could be however improved even more, by for example giving "essences of affix Y" by salvaging items that have that said affix. Those essences could then be used to craft an item with that said affix. There is a lot more suggestion like this in the forums, and I'm sure you've read quite a few of them.

Do you have any other plans to further improve crafting as a way to acquire upgrades to your character ?
Would you consider adding a 'Craft All' button so that it won't take 10 mins to craft a more valuable gem?

Why can we only have 4 players when there are 5 classes? I have four friends who I play with and we each play a different class; since only four can play at once, one of us always has to miss out every night. I know some people said that there would be too much on the screen with 5 players, but I would rather play with my buddy and a bunch of effects than to tell my friend he can't play with the rest of us. 5 players would also make pvp more interesting.
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Can their be a clarification on the marquise ruby? Are te characteristics of it going to be changed due to the weapon enhancement?
Sometime ago the Blizzard said that they were aware that monks needed an overhaul, there were inherent flaws that had to be changed.
The 1.0.7 patch included only number tweaks to damage skills while nerfing (bug fixing) the snapshot of sweeping wind.
Are there any plans to overhaul our skills? To buff our spirit generators (and their runes) so FoT isn't the only viable one at 60? Our main problem is resource generation.
Any plans to address the fact that we have less passives than other classes and most aren't viable at 60?
And last with the 1.0.7 changes the 3 and 4 piece bonus from Inna's Set are incredible bad (well the 3 piece bonus already was) any plan to change that (and do it for the people that already have the set)?

Thanks, and here's a player that has been here from the first day hoping to see his favorite class being as good as the others.
How much time was spent on developing 1.0.7. and how many ideas were hold back?
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Why are you still resisting an Identify All option?
There have been many changes with Diablo 3 since it's launch, some big, some small.

With the upcoming release of patch 1.0.7 how well do the developers feel the game fits into their "vision" of how a Diablo game should be? Are you almost there, or are there many more changes planned for game systems, the loot, itemization, skills, etc?
Hello Devs!

My topic is in reguards to LOOT. It is clear that the number one issue with D3 atm is the poor loot itemization. Many players don't experience the true risk/reward system in D3 due to the near infinite possibility of affixes, especially poor ones, available to roll on items. This creates a negative scenario wherein players RARELY find any gear upgrades or valuable items. This dynamic creates a game in which the player must "farm" the AH for upgrades to be most efficient, rather than finding them on their own. It also affects gameplay and replayability. Unfortunately players lose the motivation to spend time in D3 due to the influx of awful loot.

Legendaries also are terrible 99% of the time due to the inability of them to roll certain "legendary only" affixes. Legendaries should stand out as just that, legendary. Instead we are stuck with a sea of poor rolled legendaries--totally defeating the purpose of an item being legendary in the first place.

My question is, does the dev team currently planning on changing the loot itemization of rares/legendaries in the near future? Why wasn't this change to Loot a top priority for 1.07?
Keeping Nephalem valor intact after an act is one step closer but please take one step further. I dont think anyone pays attention to the story anymore after the 5th time playing through it. We need to have all way points open across all acts. This will make people farm more areas.
I made a thread for this. Should have waited.

It has to do with nats set.

The current complete set bonus merely gives +20 discipline.

Unfortunately, thats not a bonus at all. All other complete sets give resource regen.

DHs can get hatred regen and +discipline anywhere.

What we struggle with is discipline regen.

Are there any plans to either rework the set, or ad some form of way to increase the rate of discipline regen?

Right now, a good legacy nats set is still better to use then most non-legacy nats set.

***EDIT Like if your a DH and agree. Thanks.
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Could you give us a global information about the future of 1.07.For example ,buffing Monk and Wizard skills was good idea ,but I dont think buffing Arcane Orb is enough.

As much as I can stay in the topic for 1.07 ,well my opinion is:
Add new zone for farming ,its more like Eldritch mode in Diablo 2.You collect special rarity items (keys in D2) and its like Ubers but you deffinately fight for legendary items with high strenght monsters.
I think the game needs that ,so the people have something to fight for.That new zone would be awesome if includes new item drops and this items can be dropped only there.

Buffing Wizard Skills as:Magic Missile(As long as you raise the % dmg of Arcane Orb ,Wizard will seek about some new signature spell)Shock Pulse will not make the wizard good farmer with this build.
Also ,% of the Paralysys passive skill is too low and kinda dont work.I've tried with 2.73 AS wizard ,with 50/500 CC/CD and I can say just like that : Wizard dont have skill for stun ,except Frost Nova ,which CD is 9 seconds (if you use the passive skill for it).
Buffing Arcane Dynamo and reducing the AP cost of Arcane Orb "Obliration" rune will deffinately make new global Wizard build such as CM and Archon.
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