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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7


What changes did you want add to this patch that din't make it and are planned for the next patch
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Would dual wielding 2 handed weapons for barbarians be implemented in this 1.0.7 patch? I understand that it was not in the patch notes but I am sure a great number of people are hoping Diablo 3 could continue this legacy from Diablo 2. I would think this is also beneficial in terms of play style diversity for barbarian class, since most experienced barbarians use Echoing Fury with high crit/socket/lifesteal/strength offhand and/or 2 handed-Skorn.

Thank you for reading and giving us this opportunity to voice public opinions!
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Are there any plans on adding more RPG elements in this game? Like adding more +specific skill damage affixs on weapons so each build requires different gear, or adding a way to level up skills with use?

At the moment I don't see a difference between my level 60 wizard and everyone elses.
you Devs have plans to create other kinds of items crafted account bound? like shield, weapon.
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Why not just implement the team death match as it is in this patch?

We realize that the reward system isn't there, but I believe that you could gain valuable insight about the balancing and tweaking needed to make the final version even better. Fear of damaging the quality and reputation of the game should not be an issue if players are properly addressed and informed that the system is more of a test than a finished product.

Despite the fact that this game is meant to be pve focused, it is inevitable that PvP will be the main attraction for players. Especially since PvE has no end game at the moment. Might as well acknowledge this and get a head start instead of trying to delay the inevitable and lose even more players.
Follower's in parties
Tab space
Reliance on GAH/RMAH to progress
Custom games
Build Diversity
Match making

Will any of those matters be even remotely looked @ in 1.07 or do we have to wait for the expansion?!
Okay so just want to point out a few things that I thing everyone would appreciate so I hope this gets your attention:

1. Add and option for the AH when you search for Blacksmith plans and Jeweler designs to display if "Already known" if you already have it.
2. Add a function in AH to compare the gear with the ones you have equipped.
3. Be able to re-link items in chat (like in WoW)
4. Add option to blacksmith and especially Jeweler "Craft all" (like in WoW)
5. Make it every buff visible if you have more than 5 and not limited to 5 only
6. Time stamp option for chat
7. Notes on friends would be extremely useful (like in WoW)
8. Remove the interruption effect while casting, that it "Archon" has on "Town Portal" when it ends
9. Add a "Search" option in auction log
10. Sound for item drops other than legendaries would be really awesome (like in Diablo 2 )
11. More tabs for stash
12. Get the Jeweler in Act 1 closer to the waypoing (maybe next to the healer)
13. Change the color for "Demonic Essences"
14. Add a scroll to drop randomly in game with effect "Identify all"

May I know if any of thse are possible to do for this or the next patch ?
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Why was not added New gems in 1.0.7? i miss diamond for all resist .... for example.
We need more builds, diffrent builds.
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I bought this game only because of PvP. You showed us previews of arena PvP making it seem like it was almost done. I was expecting it to be ready in 3 months, and by the latest before the end of 2012 as you yourself stated.
I didn't want dueling, I wanted the arena with a ranking system. Yet now it seems we are back at square one.

I have played this game for 8 months and invested alot of time. Will you give us more than dueling or should I just stop now and accept that big parts of the 8 months gaming were just a waste and that I was misslead?
Would you consider adding skill points 1 per level, when you get to 60 you could upgrade 6 of your skill to the max 10, or split them up to add to the other skill/passives, 1 skill point increase base dmg by 3% when the skill get to 10 you get a 30% increase to that skill.
Also when you allocate your skill points its permanent, or with a hefty gold amount to respec your points, this would give us some sort of permanence, and diversity to our characters.
Can your loyal community get a system or action that takes low level Legendary/Set items to upgrade them to Infernal levels? For example, I would love to have a DH with a Buriza with sufficient damage to actually kill monsters in Inferno.
I think Paragon Level should be BoA in this patch. Is it possible to heppen?
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Will you be buffing the original ruby tiers so that they are stronger in weapons and more comparable to emeralds in how they affect dps?

If not, are you considering changing the ruby to any other stats, such as + attack speed bonuses?
We were told about maybe improving wizard skill synergies and that you guys 'didn't like how they currently work'. Could we get more elaboration on that and was it scheduled to change this patch because all I see are very slight changes, mainly to damage that doesn't address wizard synergies at all. I am hoping that is not what Vaeflare was talking about when speaking on your behaves.
Also, to the effect of improving community involvement in D3, what plans do the devs have to make the game more social if any? I know the SC2 UI is getting a revamp that makes it more sociable for players, will D3 borrow something like this?

Other than that, some of my other thoughts on the game were about specialisations. I know D3 set out to be an innovative ARPG in that there were no traditional trees. So far I like this new feature and being able to play around with my build. I honestly think that what Jay said in an interview with Force is spot on in that there is no "right build". However, do you guys think that this system precludes specialisation? I see that some of the newer items serve to this effect, by adding x% of damage to a certain skill, or similar, but what other plans, if any do the devs have to implement more specialisation methods.

Last one. What are your plans for the mystic? At one point you guys took it out but said it would return as a feature. What's the deal with it atm.
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My questions are:

Has there been any talks regarding the following:

- Movement Speed Cap increase?
- Travel between acts freely (no quests)?
- Ladder system?
- Wizard elemental balance (so people will be able to make a fire wiz)?
- Open world dueling?
- A sort of "transmogrification" system? link to example: http://www.reddit.com/r/Diablo/comments/16xvzz/transmogrification_in_diablo_3_a_simple/
- Amethyst and Topaz reworks in weapons?
- Low level legendaries rolling i61, i62 and i63 stats and dropped in Inferno?

Thank you.
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