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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7


Why is it that you opted to introduce new crafting recipes and an entirely new crafting material into the game instead of addressing the core problem, which is clearly the poor quality of the vast majority of found items? Wouldn’t it have been better for the long-term health of the game, and a service to the players who have been begging for better items since the very beginning of the game, to adjust whatever needs adjusting to allow for more frequent, usable upgrades to drop naturally? It’s almost as if you’re applying a band-aid to a broken bone and hoping for the best.

The economy is already in shambles so the excuse that doing so would damage it beyond repair doesn't hold water. The only reason I can think of is that you're still, after all these months and mountains of complaints surrounding it, trying to protect the auction house.
Dear Developers of Diablo 3

Why was it decided to introduce a new crafting mechanism and crafting resources instead of revamping/improving the already in place crafting with already in game resources?

The new crafting also seems counterproductive with its BOA mechanics especially with a game with gameplay so trade/AH focused making the original crafting mechanisms even less attractive than before. Please state the intended purpose of both the old and the new crafting mechanisms.
Will Archon(wizard) be made viable for team play in 1.0.7?

Will Health on Kill be made viable for team play in 1.0.7?
Skill Rune for everything, Can u make runes skill count also in other skills that trigger that skill ?

Ex: Frost Nova/Bone Chill i want that Blizzard/Frozen Solid to trigger the rune effect also of the Frost Nova or Ice Armor/Reflect Ice sould trigger not just the simple Frost nova but also its rune.

..i'm talking bout wizzards but i think there are other connection in other calsses also.
Where's Rune's and runewords?!?
How many people are currently working on Diablo III development - patches, etc (excluding the expansion)?
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Hello Devs!

I have a technical question. In 1.0.7 you addressed some technical problems such as scroll speed of text in the chat window. However, since early beta, many classes have been plagued with "network disconnects". Two of the most plagued DC classes are TR monks and WW barbs. Is the team aware that these disconnects are still frequently occurring and is there any information as to whether these are on the block to be fixing before 1.0.7 goes live?
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(probably asked before [12 pages to read so I didn't bother looking for this question])

What is the issue of balance going between classes at the moment? Any classes that are far too overpowered atm?

Being honest I'm afraid that dashing strike of monk and the barbs chain grip is a bit too countery towards especially witch doctor and wizard. With full rage/spirit it would be impossible for those two classes to stay in range to attack from the distance. This is just an example to my question.
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With no snarkiness intended:

What's the holdup? What is it about the internal processes that makes SEEMINGLY simple patch changes take months?

From the outside, the monk changes are text edits, PVP was working years ago, and so on. Why are we waiting 9 months for these changes that seem fairly straight forward?
Hello there,

why are not skills without a rune, an option to skill diversity ?

example: base damage the skill does be 50% more without a rune
seeing that you guys might release some kind of PvP experience or that you might change the gameplay a bit to add it in the future, is it possible that you will increase the capacity of players per game room or is it gonna stay a 4 max?
Why nerf the snapshot buff for monks to cure the weapon/gear swapping "exploit"? This is a nerf,not a buff,although months ago we were assured changes would be made to monk skills,merely buffing damage on a couple spirit spenders without addressing the mostly useless skills and passives as well as runes isn't quite what we had in mind. Simple solution to gear swap before snapshot is to drop sweeping wind after a gear swap,*without* eliminating the best damage buff we currently have.Monks have been long neglected,it's time for some major improvements to most of the skills,not just a doubling of damage on on a couple.
Would you consider changing the new crafting plans from being "archon" to being a part of a new set? Perhaps call it a demonic set or a hellfire set?

For a lot of people the new plans aren't that interesting because they will either break their set bonus or the RNG factor is too high to justify the cost when there aren't other guaranteed bonuses with the new items. Hellfire rings, no matter how bad, were always going to roll 35% experience and the hellfire ball. If you craft bad amulets or gloves etc. all you can do is salvage or vend them for coppers on the gold.

I would also prefer the new plans to be more class specific than attribute specific. I would love to make barbarian shoulders that may have a chance to roll an affix that boosts a skill, for example. Barbarian gloves that add fury on swing. Little bonuses like these that make the crafting plans interesting and useful even if the other stats don't roll what we'd like.

Just looking for a bit of diversity in itemization. Something more to play for.
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Blizzard, how does my Diablo 3 PVP proposal sound?

1)Here are a few tips I have that I believe will improve the PvP environment in Diablo 3

2)Make an open world PvP on/off option in the game options menu. That would allow PvP/PK in public and private games. Players with the option on can be attacked in public games at any time while players with it off in the same game may not be targeted.

3)Add several PvP dueling maps

4)allow 1v1, 2v2, 4 player free for all in dueling maps

5)Add a kill/death ratio ranking system for the dueling zone maps only. (not open world)

6)Add ratio kill/death ranking system with kill/death ratio ranking icons

7)Allow players to collect defeated opponents ear or head with players battle tag on it

8)Add various games in the dueling maps such as king of the hill, capture the flag, who can hold a treasure goblins head the longest.

9)add dueling rewards, achievements, banner icons, etc

10)dueling should be nothing like anything related to world of warcraft

I'm not as happy as I would like to be with Diablo 3. I came back to the game about 2 weeks ago when I heard of the PvP 1.0.7 patch. I hope you do a good job. Otherwise I will leave the game again. It makes me sad because I'm a huge fan of Diablo. I played Diablo 2 for well over 1000 hours.

As far as I'm concerned, a game like the Diablo series should NEVER be diluted. It should become more hardcore and awesome than the version before it.

Side note

Make it so legendary items and set items drop more often. At least a higher drop rate on every boss.. Sometimes I play all day and I don't find a single legendary or set item. Also Make legendary items WAY more awesome. I should rarely have a rare item with better stats then legendary items, that are so hard to find...

Please make it so class specific weapons and armor have stats that coincide with the class the items are for.
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Is it possible to raise the amount of players in one game passed four? If so, why not do it?
Why When We find the item drop for a specific class, like the Daibo, Crossbow, Ceremonial and knife, his propriety are mixed, like a crossbow with strength and with the Daibo Intelligence, and would be more fair in my view, the items specifies Daibo contain only the properties for your class. If this mixture is allowed to happen, does not it could become a major attraction for players who failed to return to play, because at least now they have a chance at least with regard to equipment specific to their classes they they sure get some progress through them?
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Why do the new recipes only cover armor and not weapons?
Will the frankly excessive costs of crafting materials (other than demonic essence), tomes and gold be greatly reduced for both the new and old recipes?
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Why do we not have the same increase in damage with Ruby when we apply to +min/max affix, and magical damage affix?

cold has 50% reduction in damage = 100% chill effect = slow by 30%
fire has no reduction in damage = no effect
lighting has no reduction in damage = no effect
poison has no reduction in damage = no effect
arcane has no reduction in damage = no effect
holy has no reduction in damage = no effect

+min/+max affix has no reduction in damage get additional damage bonus.

edit : changed question.
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Diablo III has already seen multiple cycles of rapid gear devaluation:

- Attack speed nerfs
- New legendaries (making old legendaries worthless)
- MF cap and Paragon system (making MF gear considerably less valuable)
- Class changes that break dominant gear-dependent builds
- etc.

While some level of gear value decline is inevitable with constant supply vs. limited demand, these more sweeping changes often result in a seemingly overnight bankrupting of a highly-geared character's value and effectiveness. I speak from experience in saying that several dedicated players I previously played with have left the game entirely as a result of feeling like their gear had been "reset" multiple times over a short timespan.

These changes also reduce confidence in using the AH, especially the RMAH. Why would I risk the purchase if I've been conditioned that waiting a short period of time may present an opportunity for better return on my investment? Why would I work toward a popular endgame build if there was risk that this build could be undone by a single change to a proc coefficient? The uncertainty of "will this gear be good in two weeks" with BoA gear in 1.0.7 has already paralyzed the AH to some extent with respect to desirable BoA slots like gloves / amulets.


Do you have any plans to provide greater visibility / more advanced notice into when particular changes might be made (e.g. "In 1.0.9 we'll be introducing new legendary items") or what particular stats / builds / gear etc. might be in line for changes (e.g. "We don't like how big of an impact CHD has on DPS")? Or any other plans to help players sustain the value of their gear over time - e.g. upgradeable / "reforging"?
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