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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7


"Monster Density" problem

The "monsert density" problem or more specific the problem that players keep grinding a very small portion of the game over and over is imho almost impossible to solve simply by tweaking numbers. There will always be area/bosses/events that a better than others.

Question: Have you ever considered an autobalancing approach? That is the more I play in an area the more attractive all other areas in the game become? Some areas will ofc still be more popular than others but eventually the buffs will make even the least played areas worth a visit. The size of the areas (whole acts, quests, maps...), rewards (mf bonus, xp bonus...) and "area-buff" stacking mechanic could then be tweaked in patches.
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Something I (and probably many others) would really like to know:
Was Diablo 3 a conservative release for Blizzard, in that your team attempted to release a bare minimum, seemingly solid game to quell the masses, all the while knowing that it truly was an incomplete game? (I mean incomplete not as in "will require maintenance/updates/patches in the future" but as in "while this game is playable, it is not solid enough to last more than several months after release without patches")

Obviously, the majority of the Diablo team felt that D3 met the threshold for being "good enough" to release, but either one of two things seem to be true: 1) Blizzard's standards are really not as high as they insist, or 2) Blizzard (including the Diablo team) has poor judgment and does not put quality over reward/earnings.

If I need to give examples for why the game was incomplete at release:
1) Boss battles were not nearly as interesting as previews showed throughout D3's development.
2) Itemization, while diverse in possible rollable stats, is very lackluster.
3) Drop rates: While it looks good on paper to make legendaries scarce so that the market takes longer to be flooded, the market will eventually be flooded. This is suspicious; did Blizzard intend for D3 to be a firecracker game--a game to pull in revenue for a short period of time and then be left for dead?
4) Secret level: Talking about this will only make me mad, so I'll assume you already know my feelings and reasons about this part. (... ... ...WHERE ARE THE DESCENDANTS OF THE COWS FOR ME TO SLAY? --ahem)
5) Endgame bore: This game revolves around endgame, not the story (because after beating the game four times in each difficulty, who really cares anymore?). This is an endgame game, and it's endgame sucks (nothing to REALLY do besides farm crap).
6) Mob density: Really? The endless swarms of demons coming from hell, on command from not one but SEVERAL dark lords, are maybe a couple hundred enemies through one play-through. Blizzard stated they want players to feel powerful (gravity effects). Well, destroying one to three enemies at a time, with much blank space in-between, does not make me feel powerful.

I feel like I've already said too much with this post.
Are there any plans to add a randomized dungeon type system ala PoE's Loot maps?
why did the devs didnt allow travel between acts?
Though we don't want nerf on classes in regards to PvP, there are specific skills (Like Haunt or Wave of Light or Rend) on every class that is too much for PvP. Are there any plans you will be adjusting damage outputs from these specific abilities only?
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Have you ever thought that paragon levels should increase your total magic and gold find no matter how much you have currently even if you are at max magic and gold find already?
Can you please consider in the future possibly an overarching main (or side) quest(s) that works into the story through an expansion which allows for some open world travel between quests(with some randomization?)? Sanctuary needs to be shown off more and not through a tunnel.
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With the inclusion of PvP, the inadequacy of the public games system has become an even more pressing issue. Are there any plans to improve this system, such as a list of public games with custom titles, as in previous Diablo games? I feel this would go a long way in improving the social aspect of this game. This is extremely important to many of us who play this game. I really like this game and I would love this feature.

So with the advent of the new BoA craftable items, a simple question irks me:

Why would anyone bother crafting goods - repeatedly, and at a net loss - when it's quite obvious that the AH will offer comparable items for a fraction of what it would cost to craft the same item dozens of times to hope for one upgrade? By choosing to go with BoA on the new patterns, you have created an obvious gold sink that has zero investment potential that I'm sure players will get bored with very quickly.
With regard to crafting, the patch preview posits that the intent of the new recipes is to reward players who do not want to use the Auction Houses to gear, but instead prefer to grind for their loot. If this is so, then I believe the resources required are not quite balanced to meet that goal (i.e., the gold cost should be negligible, while the material cost should be higher).

QUESTION: Are recipe details already set in stone for 1.0.7, or is the Dev team still able to make adjustments based on PTR input?

Many of us who are excited for crafting would really like to engage in meaningful, constructive dialogue with the CMs and Devs and just want to know where/how we can do so.
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Question: Will marquise quality gems also have flawless, perfect and radiant marquise variants in patch 1.0.7 or later?
Hello again!

So with the exp buff for monster power levels, doesn't it concern the development team that they have essentially made high quality gear like Leorics Signet, and more importantly, the Hellfire Ring, completely obsolete? In context, I have about 25 Hellfire Rings - almost all garbage - and the paltry 30% exp bonus is worthless when I'm about to be getting 215% exp at MP6.
How come there are no plans for the other pieces of gear?

weapons, boots, helm, etc...
why is reflect dmg elite not more noticable honestly u said u were going to make it obvious little spike u can hardly see doesnt fix this problem
What about the exquisite essences? I wonder if Its already set that they will be required for the gloves when the new patch is released? Or is this still being discussed?

a ladder system will keep this game alive.

and now the q: do you guys have at least ideas about future pvp mods?
Marquise Gems:

What was the idea behind scaling of the Marquise Gems? It's clear that the Marquise Ruby has benefited most from this update, but why didn't you guys scale the rest of the gems accordingly? I know I'm not going to spend 20M + 3 RS Emeralds for an extra 10% crit damage and BIND ON ACCOUNT!!
Can u give us Unraked Death Match soon as be possible? Cuz only we can test PvP in there not duel... Also U are working on PvP Balance buff or new Items?
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