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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7


I just have some thoughts about new crafting system which is currently on PTR right now. Why don't you twist it a little bit? Instead of choosing dex, str, int, vit, you can make it possible to choose any stat. And make 2 stats stable while the remaining 4 are random. Depending on the stats we choose, you can adjust the amount of essence and gold required for each crafting. I'm sure players would participate more in farming and crafting and as the result, gold sink would happen.
Hellfire Rings:

When are you guys gonna let me breakdown my 20 or so garbage Hellfire Rings into either organs or brimstones? Right now they have no value and the time spent to create one is incredible inefficient versus farm runs.
Are you considering revising the stats on the Marquise Gems? As it stands now, they are really not worth the investment (time or gold) to create. As well as the repair cost of equipment with them equipped and unsocketing them seems quite honetly ridiculous (5m). What also was the intention of making them Account bound? Making a Marquise Gem removes all value from it because it cannot be traded nor sold, in essence losing all their value. Thanks!
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Well as rewarding as anyone would think off kicking our buddy's asses in d3 it would feel a bit dull to just duel and duel, are you thinking about adding a small reward for you duels even if you are only able to wear those items/decals/wings/etc inside the duel zone, or even create a especial "quest" for easy and multiple duels?

thanks alot for a great game!
Act 4 in d2 was so frustrating since it was so short.
Act 4 in d3 is also frustrating since it is so short.

Any chance that Act 4 will be expanded?
Hello Devs,

After being on PTR I was disappointed when it came to the chat panel.

I've always been a big fan of your WoW chat UI, your SC2 chat UI was okay-ish but was much better in the Hots Beta, and we end up on D3 where the chat is barely a mimic of the WoW chat with a ton of unexistant useful functions (like tabs, resize with drag, window transparency, etc!).

Is there a reason D3 chat is being so much left in the dark ? Thank you in advance guys and thank you for doing this AtD thing.
When can we expect more PvP updates and less PvE focus?

Based on your recent survey the majority of the people in this game seem to be into the idea of more focused pvp. Given that diablo 2's major thing was dueling and that is what most people focused on at higher levels wouldn't it only be fair to honor that in diablo 3 and create rewards/level gain/xp/ladders for players to focus on? This would add a lot of time to the end game.

Monsters are the same no matter what scenario you put them in, they arn't getting any harder either. While as player verse player adds a whole spectrum of builds/itemization that is untapped. Shouldn't you tap into this resource?
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Is the intention of the new recipes to reward players that like finding stuff for themselves or to act as a gold/item sink?

Because frankly, it is not clear. If it was made to reward players for farming, then the most prominent cost would be infernal essences (play time). Instead, the most prominent costs are things that can easily be found in RMAH (gold, tomes, crafting materials, or worse, a brimstone).

If the intention is to act as an item sink, it does not work either, because the people that have all that item and gold would want the recipes' results to be far stronger to have a motivation to sink their goods in the recipes.
The changes to the Monk and Wizard, so far, are just number and ability coefficient tweaking. Blizzard promised more substantial class rework to improve quality of life and build diversity.

Is there still a plan in patch 1.0.7 to modify both classes per Blizzard's initial statements on how they want to improve the classes?

Why isn't a ladder system on the top of your PVP agenda? Your constituents have pretty much unanimously agreed that a ladder system would help the longevity of this game, as well as help the economy. A ladder system would create a very competitive and elite element to this game that is severely lacking in that department at the moment.
LOOT ALERT: Why u dont implement a system like loot alert in patch 1.0.7 ?
you see alot of players asking about it, and it boost the game experience!

I would like to hear a sound of what ever I want when a loot drops. VERY IMPORTANT addon for the game.
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Does Blizzard see it as a problem that every class uses the exact same cookie cutter specs? I mean they're like 15 passives and not one class has more than 5 usable ones, same thing with skills. No one even uses the skills that were buffed in that one patch, I'm sorry but doubling the damage on a horrible skill still makes it a horrible skill.

Also you really need to scale down DoT's in pvp, pretty sure it's bugged.
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What is the purpose/point of the BOA craftable items .. especially if they are still pretty random?

With the existence of the AH, the AH will always be easier/cheaper to simply do a quick search on the EXACT stats you are looking for than gambling with crafting.

Until crafting lets you pick more than just a primary stat for an affix ... it will be underwhelming and under-utilized.
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Of all the changes in 1.0.7, which were the most difficult to develop (most iteration/implementation/testing time) and which were the simplest?
Do you plan on changing the amount of mats required for the new BOA items? I.E. Tome of Secrets, Fiery Brimstone, etc.
Dota mod for pvp seems OK to me, do you think the same?
1) we need some sort of official ranking system, not diabloprogrezz
2) we need more complexity in the game, more things to do, a greater diversity of things to grind on
3) we need a chatroom to chill in
4) we need random matchup for pvp
5) bring back the mystic
Hello Blizzard, I guess id like to see 5 passives, i beleive that if monsters have 5 stack, so should the players, and should scale with monster power lvl. Also if there are plans from 4 players to 6 or 8 would also be fun, but the big thing i miss is having followers in game, had alot of fun letting followers dual from diablo 2. Also would like to see the Mighty grandfather sword brought back to its rightful place, and able to use with a sheild, all swords would bring a new dimension to the game being able to use 1 handed, axes still should be 2 handed, being slow clunky, yet powerfull.
Blizzard your on the right path, and changes will make time spent more meaningfull from all us who play, keep up the good work!
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