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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7



Is the only reason you included this asinine concept to serve as a gold sink? If so, do you realize that you are creating a system that only benefits the extremely wealthy - who can craft dozens of the same piece of gear until they get an upgrade? This is very strange to me because you guys created an AH/RMAH but then made a huge focus on this patch to add BoA craftables - to potentially forgo using the AH for upgrades. It's as if you guys added BoA craftables, but really don't expect players to use them that much since you guys profit from RMAH and you wouldn't want to purposely and deliberately marginalize its function.
This patch makes several changes to improve non-CM non-Archon Wizard builds. A lot of people would argue that these changes don't really do enough to make other builds viable. Are these part of a larger plan to improve build diversity for the Wizard? If so, can you provide any information on where you intend on going in the long run and how you intend on getting there?
What are you thoughts about implementing some sort of bounty dueling? Maybe you could each put up an item or a certain amount of gold to play with and then winner take all.
is there any plans on making Acts 1-2 and 4 more viable for farming?
Are there plans for an Endless Dungeon in 1.0.7 or the near future?
why can't we have ident all?

why do blue and white items drop? what is their purpose?

what can i do with all of the gibbering gemstones i've collected?

what can i do with all of the trash hellfire rings i've collected?
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is there any plans on making Acts 1-2 and 4 more viable for farming?

Good question...
Drop rate should be the same on all MP.

Its already same. on MP1 or bigger but there is nothing good farm spot.
Items/Itemization/Item Properties

A lot of players had the freedom in D2 to pick items with fun skills/atributes without carrying about weapon dps. In D3 the weapon dps is 80% value and 20% rest is properties, also all armor items are considered garbage if they don't have mainstat+vit+all res + special on the slot.

Do you intend in patch 1.07 or the near future (before the end of the year) to address itemization and make it more fun, more rewarding, more effects on weapons and armor, freedom to pick other itemization than stat+vita+allres, special on hit/get hit on armor and to make the whole item hunt more rewarding than curently is ?

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Like many here,

While playing the Monk and Wizard, the changes do make a difference for the skills that were changed. Wave of Light does hit harder, and nice to have Critical Mass affect both runed abilties for Archon.

With this in mind the main, top builds for both classes uses some of the skill that were revised in this patch (Sweeping Wind, Critical Mass to note).

So, knowing that top tier builds use some of these skills, and now that they are being buffed, how do the devs intened to make the other skill more attractive and classes in general (In my eyes, the Wizard the most) more harmonies with more skill/passive synergy?

Build diversty, or being able to use more than 6-8 of 20+ skills is a community outcry, and this seems to fly in the face of that, while slaiming it 100 MPH in reverse.
Why BoA? It does nothing for an ARPG and will in fact be detrimental to social aspects of the game going forward.
Will you make Topaz jems add critical hit chance (chc) in socket weapons instead of attackers takes damage per hit so they can be more usable?
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I belive the current paragon system is flawed as it is now. I belive the levels and experiences should be shared among all characters. The current system does not encourage us to play several characters. Being paragon 30 I found quite a lot of gear for barbarian and I would like and probably enjoy playing one but, as it is now, I would not.

I belive, if the system was to change, that the paragon xp and level across all characters should be compiled and paragon lveled accordingly.

So my question is, do you plan on doing that. If not, do you plan on any incentive to roll alternate characters.

Why do you continue to make the game easier, for example changing reflect in this patch and lessening damage output from molten, not too mention all of the previous patches beginning with 1.0.3?

you are driving away your core player base, who actually really enjoy a challenging game.
Thank you for creating a hardcore mode, it is by far the most fun way to play this game. Though I enjoy playing hardcore I find it frustrating that I can never obtain gear comparable to non-hardcore players because the best items are continuously removed from the game economy due to character death. Are there any plans to improve the quality of dropped items in hardcore to give hardcore players more options for fun builds?
The dueling system that's being added with 1.07 is pretty basic, and similar to what it was in Diablo 2. Are there plans on expanding on this specific system, such as being able to spectate, or battle it out 2v2 without damaging your partner, or anything else? If some form of organized PVP is added in the future and some changes are made to how skills work (such as cooldowns or status effect weakeners), will those carry over to dueling as well?

//Less of a developer question and more of a 'ask the devs selection methodolgy' question, but how do you account for the fact that many people are likely to read the first few pages of questions and upvote those, get bored, and not bother to read later pages?
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why hasnt their been an update to change how NV stacks works for 1.07? once we kill an elite pack we should always have our stack count. changing skills should not make us lose our NV.
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