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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7


I see that NV stacks will now persist through all Acts. Why are you not making all Acts accessible by waypoints (simliar to how D2 worked) from a single gaming session to create a more enjoyable game experience that doesn't break the action by exiting a game and then restarting a new one? This would create a much more integrated gaming experience between Acts where NV could persist until you exit the game.
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Keywardens were nerfed in this patch for no reason, but why the really bad combo of uber bosses and their skills (Zoltun and Siege) were NOT?
Has there been any thought to greatly increasing low level legendary drop rate? Legendary drop rates are so low in Diablo 3 that most players go from 1-60 without seeing a single legendary or set. This was one of the most discouraging things during my time playing the game. It was the first thing that made me feel "this game doesn't stack up to its predecessor."

Many players remember finding Sigons set in Diablo 2 (req. lvl 6) with great stats or Sander's boots (req. lvl 20) which had high runspeed. Certain game design decisions for D3 (bosses have no elevated loot table) result in a very bad feeling when you try your hardest to beat a boss for the first time and get a few whites and blues out of it. Also, where are the low level sets?
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I see that boss drops are being added and reworked slightly, I am assuming the logic behind this is so that more people will actually go through with the quests so they can kill the bosses instead of just running through an act and killing elite mobs.

My question is Why don't you make all the boss fights equivalent to the Key wardens, where they are just in the area they spawn (like in Diablo 2) instead of having us play through the same quest an infinite amount of times?
Way point sytem from act to act would be a nice improvement, and more faster run/walk speed.
Dodge seems to be one of the strongest stats in PvP currently. Considering DHs and Monks inherently stack dex/dodge for primary stat requirements, are there any plans to change the effect of dexterity on other classes? i.e. Barbs stack like 500 dex in PvP only to get a measily 20% dodge. It is impossible to keep up with monks and dhs when sometimes upwards of 60% of your attacks are dodged.

My question to the devs is:

Are there any plans (either in patch 1.0.7 or the future) to upgrade Diablo 3's Lobby? I, personally, would like to see some improvements in some of the areas like interactive chat channels, a better game creating system, a better list of open public games. Something very similar to what Diablo 2 had as a lobby. I think it would allow the in-game community to be a little more interactive with each other.

Thanks in advance!

Are you considering improving wiz by changing runes/buffing skills, so that something other than CM build has a chance to progress at higher levels?
First of all, I'm not exactly sure how the D3 community is really being compensated for this advice, and the "Public Testing" (aka: our contract artists and devs are "moving on" like Jay), that saves Blizz money in the end? What... an increase in gaming "enjoyment", or perhaps a way to make up for the initial mistakes? Maybe a way for players to feel like they're contributing? Weak... Should have hired pro-old school developers and not hipster artists to make your game. I do this for a living guys. Anywho...

Here are my "questions", aka, save Blizz time and money:

1) Are you going to fix your trigger system? Enemies such as champs mass-cast when low on health. Zoltan Kulle Uber has instant kill on teleport when his health is low. Numbers pop up in red 999999 crit. Ya that's fair.

2) Are you going to implement more Legendaries? You need to spread out different types of items that proc differently or effect build diversity. Everyone is wearing the same crap, and this makes the game stagnant and OVERLY repetitive, which it already is.

3) Are you going to introduce clans? Keeping information similar and cached, based on clans reduces server lag, and increases desire of replay-ability. Clan events, and clan stash is also a good idea for ease of access.

There are a ton of changes necessary, especially the WIZARD CLASS. You have successfully nerfed every other class, and it is apparent in your "Public Test Dueling".

Well why stop there...lets just save them a bunch of time and money then right? Here you go. Report it if you want, but here's my fast opinion on this title thus far, and refer to the initial post for more details...

4) Need to create EVENTS and QUESTING like every other MMORPG (sorry to say it, cus I know we're not entirely MMORPG community). Since this game is repetitive and linear, there need to be events, like endless zombie and skeleton waves at a temple. Give us more variety than Rakki's Crossing and Arreat Crater 2.

5) Elevation needs to increase damage/defense slightly.

6)Dueling and PVP should require players to SELECT skills to bring into battle and not have access to all, unless unlocked. Certain classes (Monk and WD) are OP compared to other classes REGARDLESS of Paragon.

7) Again, fix your trigger system on champs...

8) Gems and crafting can change this game entirely. Use those white weapon drops, and have characters maintain and build upon them. Enchantments, certain repairs and upgrades, could make a once useless weapon, into an account bound powerhouse. Gems are stupid expensive for +4 stats ad not everyone has 20 million. That's ridiculous. Average players, NOT FARMERS WHO OWN AH MARKET %'s, can't afford these. Either make increased gem value DROP, or have break down, so players have to replace them at minimal cost.

9) More build diversity, and more open-world style exploration is key. Again, creating events with preexisting environments, and pre-rendered units, means mapping over those and alteration is far easier, cost effective, and increases game depth. I understand that Expansion Packs will most likely contain more areas of discovery, but this community needs a LOT more "open-world" wanderlust.

10) Thinning your marketplace is almost impossible. With rapid inflation of the AH (due to farmers, botters, and hackers) Introduction of a new currency, to potentially obtain other weapons from another "realm", may be a way to reduce the allure of gold-farming, yet keeping it an integral part of the game.

11) Account bound items should make players want to grind. 1,500,000 for Account bound rare chest armor is ridiculous. Making other set pieces with godly attributes, and potentially low durability makes you think more strategically.

12)Something like the Horadric cube would be invaluable. Give players the ability to create or destroy an item with certain combinations. This helps all parties including D3 team.

This is enough for now, and are just suggestions. I like reading what everyone else suggests as well. Some of you guys have awesome ideas and modifications. Keep it up!
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Why is the hardcore community an afterthought in all your developing process of thinking, I mean even the forums dont have a legit forum for Hardcore players like myself to Use for trading without going to a 3rd party website
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Do you have any plans on revising the crafting costs for the new items added in 1.0.7 or perhaps making it so that we could choose other guaranteed modifiers outside of str / vit / dex / int?
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Have you guys considered a + resistance gem? as in say combine all 3 to make it.
Are there any plans, Or ever been any plans to allow the crafting of necklaces and rings from the jewelcrafter?
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