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"Ask the Devs" Round 1: Patch 1.0.7


It's previously announced that damage reduction will be applied to dueling mode which will be a good adition in my opinion but what are you planning to do to balance classes? Currently the best option is playing against people who plays with the same class as you because classes are completely imbalanced now and seem like nobody thought of dueling when skills are defined pre-release.
You say that Nephalem Valor will persist through acts in 1.0.7.

Is playing through the story and defeating the act bosses the only way to transition into the next act? Will there be a way (perhaps not in 1.0.7, but maybe in the future) to switch from act to act without having to play through the story - thus allowing more creative and fun farming routes?
There any plan to make Questing Story more Rewarding beside NV?
About wizard buffs - do you think this is enought, or it is just part of bigger plan? Why not just reduce arcane abilities and replace with other element, so that we can be fire\storm\ice wizards?
Apparently maxed out GF/MF are completely useless.
What incentives do you plan to offer players who reached Paragon Lvl 100? - Throw Hellfire Rings away and keep on farming for crappy loot?
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The critical mass build with frost nova and wicked wind has been the most powerful and effective way for a wizard to excel at high monster powers. Does blizzard have any plans of making other wizard builds just as powerful or will this remain the staple build for the wizard class?
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Hello !

Right now its almost impossible for us to find game where we can trade / duel with people
Can we expect something like this in 1.07 or in a near future ?

Thank you :)
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What happened with weapons switch? Add this plz
Where are charms/scs? Add plz

Add build change mode. Change up to 3 builds on 3 HOTKEYS :)
How long until we see the game running DirectX 11 effects and high resolution textures?.
Wizard skills are in need of allot of help 1.07 really fails to address this as such minor damage buffs will not make people use those skills such as Arcane orb. Full reworks like Unstable anomaly are the right direction a whole passive and rune for 300 life regen are the wrong direction.

Can we hope to see a more effective synergistic Wizard class in the future or is this as good as it gets ?
Diablo 3 has not really seemed to have a multiplayer dynamic in where people feel compelled to interact with each other, which is one of the reasons as to why I think Diablo 2 kept the attention and loyalty of fans for over a decade. In Diablo 3, all that there really is are auto-joins, which is based on which missions you want to complete (in where you are paired up with other people that want to complete that mission as well). Personally, I don't think that Diablo 3 is solely about missions. Sure, there are trade chatrooms and whatnot, but I don't think that it becomes a good enough substitue for one-on-one interaction while in-game. The game rooms in Diablo 2 helped to group people together who wanted to trade set items, go on a specific dungeon run, etc. My question to you is that will there be any changes to the multiplayer interaction in where people are able to do more than just auto-joins (i.e. join a specific room in where they want to either just duel or trade)?
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I feel like i'm not alone in thinking the endgame of Diablo 3 is a bit lackluster. What are your plans for expanding the endgame, and giving players more to do than grind paragon XP and run ubers?
There was talk prior to the patch about a rework to "Physical Damage to Attacker" and making a more desirable attribute on an item.

Is this still in the works? Will it happen in time for 1.0.7?
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While the ability to maintain NV stacks across acts in patch 1.0.7 is a very welcomed change, I see that it may require a very static method of being able to perform this action (like mainly playing from the last quest of the previous act for example).

What is the development teams current and long term take on being able provide some level of variety in terms of the mobility across acts from various farming points within the current quest based game design versus say a more free roaming ability such as the one I proposed below?

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Why are the Wizard's skills designed so poorly when taking into account the actual mechanics and physics of gameplay in Inferno?

^Channel and Melee range spells plague the Wizard skill set. Why? If we were typecast as a ranged character there would be more spells like the Witch Doctor and Demon Hunter. Instead we are found struggling somewhere in the middle.
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