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where blizzard when wrong. sol well put! constructive!


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since this has reached the maximum. I HAD to contribute to sol's thread so I remade it for blizzard to read

click this link and read and most of you who will not waste time trolling should actually agree.

Sol I just read this whole thing. I tip my hat to you, wow yes yes yes and more yes. I would suggest everyone read the main heading of this thread. well put.. well said.

I agree so pretty much all aspect of what you pointed out. the skills. the gear. the AH the elitists and people monopolizing on the AH and loot system,
I would add that for story lore. killing off deckard cain was a BAD move. and making tyreal a human doesn't sound as thrill as fighting along aside an arch angel I once knew as a super powerful entity growing up as a teen playing diablo 2, and LoD,
I don't know why alot of the diablo developers went in the direction they did. but I DO hope they fix it. hell make an expansion to fix this, take all this as constructive criticism this one thread you really really should read.
if you added a skill tree, almost the same as d2, 3 separate columns with many skills going down a tier, BUT ALSO able to add RUNES into those skills. despite they lvl up and gain bonus's from corresponding related skills like lightning bolt giving lightning a bonus in damage, YOU WILL HAVE MY COMPLETE ATTENTION and I will have complete restored faith in the diablo universe as I once always have had.
diablo 2 still didn't have that much of a end game boss fight feel but you could still get killed by the lightning inferno. if yo were not careful. but in lord of destruction your given a sort of warm up and mental stoker with a series of battles. from easy things to kill. to hard, harder to things that can stun you, have super high hp and resistance, and kill your hireling,
OH sorry have to add, .. followers.. they feel so limited they got skills. that's super keep that. but the fact that you cant even put armor on them anymore feels like you took something away from that. I know in multiplayer it doesn't matter case they bugger off bug in single player ... the only reason I keep them around is cause they're passive ability's , they don't do that much else to make a difference. Templar cant tank well the the dps once don't proc enough cc or dps to actually care, at least at inferno,

the crafting system has potential but this is online now. you can always add new plans. every patch in fact, also.. I miss the set items while progressing my powers in my char, I know there is some in there but there is an extreme lack of set items *not drop rate but the amount of sets in the game*

anyway. again read the whole heading thread. I would advise. ignore the trolls they only put a blocking curve. use this as constructive criticism cheers
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I apologize for locking this thread, but I wanted to keep feedback to the original post. I extended the post limit so we can continue the conversation there. Thanks!
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