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I have a question about the AH. I had 160+mil in my stash, I bid some money now I hve 87mil but according to the AH if I go to completed it says that I am not winning the acution but It will not gimm the money back that I have put on the item....According to the AH I have been out bid, so I should get my gold back. But I still have the 87mil...WTH is going on? Has this happened to anyone else, I know that when I fist logged in to AH i was quite a bit laggy, just wondering if this has somehting to do with it, I tried to log out then back in to see if that would reset the auction, but to no avail.. Can you guys help me?
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I have noticed that the AH has been extremely laggy since the last maintenance. Occasionally when an auction is finished, nothing shows, but when i look in my finished items, it says something like "processing". Sometimes this has taken 10 minutes. So far it has always gone through eventually.

Hope your problem solves itself.
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Yea I've noticed too after last patch. Putting up items on the AH has become laggy which is a first.
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Yeah I have put a ticket in to B.net. This has never happened before the maintainence. Wonder whats going on?
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The AH has had issues from day 1, although it's better now it is still laggy as hell at times.

I read about things like this all the time, but in the end the gold/item/whatever does come, just can take up to 24ish hours.
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Just an update, but still no item or gold. They have replied to my ticket only to ask me for an Order ID...lol I had to use smaller words this time when I told them it was not the RMAH but the Gold AH and you dont get an Order ID on upon placing a bid....Well any ways the auction has 1 more hour and I hope after the auction is done I will be able to collect my 25+mil. If not I gues is't back to the grind....
But either way its just a gmae that I enjoy playing... wish me luck
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Let's just hope that whatever they did in the last patch that causes the AH to behave this way - they will fix in 1.0.7
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Well, after I looked for someone to awnser why I have no gold or no item on the forum, I found that B.net has responded to my ticket. And saythat, they are not reponsible for any RMAH or GAH transactions and that I should go to the bug fix section on the forum to report it. So, as I tend to do, I follow instructions and go ot where I was instructed to go. Only to find.....that the top 3 threads are about the AH taking peoples money and them not getting an item. Blizz has a disclaimer that say any item/transaction on GAH or RMAH that has problems, they are not responsible for. Can you immagine if Paypal had a dissclaimer like that? They would go under in a heartbeat. So, to make a long story short, unless my gold pops up, I prolly have been con'd out of 25+mil I think I will stay away from the GAH for a while and let it cool off for a bit. Just think about it...not that I would but, if I bought an item off RMAH for 200 bucks and it did this to me....how would I feel? What actions would I take? What actions COULD I take? Blizz isn't reponsible for their game glitching out on me.....I dont get it.

Heres to the hope....SLURP! ;)

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Hi TS, hope it works out for you.
I have a similar issue in that I bid $120m+ on an item about 90 mins ago and was winning at the time of expiry. The current situation is that the item is no longer on the AH and I have neither the money nor the item.
I guess I'll wait a few hours and see what turns up. I don't think I'll be waiting 24 hours before pursuing it. Regardless of Blizz disclaimer the AH is an integral part of the game and would hope that they wouldn't just ignore the situation.
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Mate I hope tit works out for you man. 120mil makes my 25mil look like loose change..lol. But if I were you I would at least put a ticket on b.net to address the issue and hope for the best man.... I think I will try and call Blizz this avo, and see if they can help me over the phone. I hope this will get resolved soon. I will keep you posted mate, maybe you could try the same thing.
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Mine arrived about 5 hours after the auction without me contacting Blizz. I hope yours is resolved soon. As for the amount, it was my biggest purchase to date so I hope it turns out to be worth it:)
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WOW! So, ok, I just logged on to D3 and guess what....I have no clue what is going on, but the AH is bugged big time. The Item I was bidding on is now in my stash, and I got an additional 36mil...Again, I got a free item, my 25+mil, and an additional 10mil on top....Im not worried any more, and I love the AH now! Thanks Blizz for all your glitches!
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Glad it worked out so well for you.
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