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Love to get feedback on LS

So this morning I was lucky enough to be handed off (thnx Narcolepsy) a 1h sword that doesn't have the highest DPS but has a nice amount of LS (2.40), 8% IAS, slotted and 8% CH.

Before this sword I had a decent fist weapon doing about 1098 dps, 40% CH and an emerald gem in the slot adding 70% more CH. However, no LS. This took my monk to about 71k unbuffed DPS.

The sword I got this morning dropped my DPS to 62k dps, however I found myself taking on crowds and elites with no problem (granted i was only playing MP2) because combined my monk had around 5.40 LS. Dying was never an issue.....

Now if i had more gold I would prob buy a 1hander with the same stats just higher DPS, but that's like 999 million gold away....

Anyone else settled for a lower dps 1hander with good LS and had the same experience?
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I won't go without LS on at least one of my weapons. Even when I had 1.5k LPS I supplemented it with LS or LoH. With that said, until I can find/afford a high DPS, low fear, LS Echoing Fury it is a sacrifice I will continue to make. : )
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For a long time I used a 928 loh / 2.9% ls, 789 dps weapon with 150 dex. Allowed me to do mp8+ ubers. In your case, I would suggest moving to more loh until you break 100k dps
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Generally, I've been a big proponent of dropping unbuffed paper DPS to go dual life steal, and then using Combo strike to get more of the DPS back.

For example, on your Monk I might go full Combo-Cookie-Cutter and drop SSS/Beacon of Ytar and replace with Foresight/Combo strike. I'm not a fan of SSS on Monks that get a good portion of their damage from their attack speed. I save that for two-handers. And with that skill set your buffed DPS is actually higher than what it was wit the non-LS weapon.
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