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Noob TR monk looking for 115m upgrade

I have roughly 115M an I haven't been able to find a suitable xeph amulet in the AH. If any of you guys have one that you're thinking of parting with let's talk.

Other than that I'm stumped on my next upgrade.

Any help much appreciated. :-)
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A LS Skorn maybe? Though I doubt you'll find one with as much damage as that one, at least not for 115m.

Also depending on your luck with ubers, finding a crit hit chance one couldn't hurt for cyclone procs.

Maybe some extra resistances in some armors? If you survive OK without them it's not a priority.
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I actually used to have a LS skorn. I didn't find it really nessisariy. Health globes alone were more than sufficient.
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Btw using non life steal skorn was pudding heads idea. Much props!
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Bump I guess lol
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I *think* you can get a 150 dex Innas belt for ~15m. That would be another 2k+ dps upgrade though you would lose quite a bit on OWE.

Have you tried dropping OWE for exalted soul? It works great for me.
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Dropping owe would require an overhaul with gears with all resist. Such an expensive upgrade and is still be stuck with circular breathing.
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Damn I like your setup. Mad pickup radius and enough dps for one shotting.
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I'd rather boost my mitigation and keep my dps as high as possible
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We have about the same setup, though you have considerably more DPS than I do.

You might try to move to SW:Inner storm and swap out MoH with MoC:Submission. In PTR at 130K dps+submission+blazing wrath, you will instagib everything in MP1 maybe MP2 (I dont have the DPS to test that sadly).

A Xeph ammy is just going to loose you CC, making cyclones less effective.

And health globes keep me alive MP0, I rarely die (though i have +11k to globes).

Anyway, more interested in where you go from here because it sounds like we're on the same path.
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Awesome thanks. Ill add you if you have space.
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You can get by without Chant of Resonance taking Fleet Footed instead. Also what OP said, try using MoC:Submission, and get the 2SpS from Inner Storm rune instead. 12% Damage per second to surrounding enemies is pretty amazing.
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