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Need some insight

I know there a few threads on how to gear etc., I was looking for a few pointers on gear and build. Currently with my build and gear I can do mp5-mp7 max. By that I mean some packs on MP7 are to much to handle.

I have a barb and wizard who both farm mp10 but I just literally got my monk to 60 over the weekend and threw on some pieces in my stash a few cheap purchases from the Auction House.

I would safely assume I need more Vitality, boots are a prime example of no vitality where I need it.


I would ultimately like to do Ubers and MP10 content on my monk. I enjoy being able to swtich between my wizard and barb for farming and ubers, it helps break the monotony.

Anyway thanks in advance for any tips and tricks.

Stats from gear are:

39% CC
442 AR
5800 Armor
2.6% LS
CD 196
40% IAS
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Improving sustain and eHP is where I would go, can get some more dps on the way :)

It depends on how your character is balanced, but typically 1 all resist = 1 vit give or take. around 650 AR and 45k life they're about even I think, which are good goals for high mp's.

Inna's pants with 150+ vit is a better option than AR.
Trade the zuni ring in for something with a xx-xx avg damage roll, 8+ apsd, 5+ crit plus maybe survivability/loh.
Nat's boots with double resist, or AR/vit.
I'm not a big fan of inna's belt, but you have two black weapons I suppose. Could try looking for a witching hour, has a higher ceiling for eHP, can also roll %life.
Tal's ammy should probably go, get a rare with 40+ average damage, 9+ crit chance, 50+ crit damage, dex + whatever quality of life you want (vit/loh/resists).
I'm not a fan of lacuni's, until you're really set up with eHP, or doing lower mp's. Get some rare's - 100+ dex/vit, high single or double resist, as much crit as you can afford.

Sustain wise, when I first started doing high mp's i had about 2.9% ls, 920 loh. Was pretty happy with that, I now have just 5.7% LS, which is better although I may try and get an extra 400ish LOH just to really lock it down. How you want to spread that across your weapon and gear, that's up to you.


profile for ideas.

EDIT: read your edit, needs moar all resist, crit hit damage (try and get it on weapons + open sockets if possible)
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