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Help calculating patch 1.0.7 SW damage

During this patch's PTR some turmoil has been going on in reguard to whether or not the monk changes to SW guarantee a buff or a nerf.

Mathematically the 30% buff should compensate the loss of snapshot mechanic, but practical tests showed that a slight loss in DPS is present.

My understanding is that the losses are due to the fact that the snapshot mechanic not only made buffs last forever, but only used one weapon's statistics actually hiding another buff.

Without the snapshot, the damage of SW is averaged between the damage of the MH and the OH so that those who have very similar weapons are at an advantage over those with a very strong MH and an utility OH.

This also means that who uses only one weapons is bound to get the full buff of this patch.

So I ask, to whoever is willing, to try and compare a few Azmodan kills with these settings:
- 1 weapond and shield
- using only FitL and SW on live
- using only SW on PTR

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The live vortex uses one weapon's damage, but individual weapon buffs are not affected. (As I recall, activating SW with Sever in my non-active hand still produces tornadoes that hit demons harder. I'll have to search for that post, though.) If you never checked your weapons before activating SW on the live server, you will still get the average of your two weapons over time. SW has never been based on your MH weapon; it has always been based on the active weapon. Single-weapon players will not notice a difference in their base damage, but most DW players won't notice, either.
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Yep, bonuses on both weapons count, even if they're not on the active weapon when you activate SW:

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01/25/2013 04:27 AMPosted by Vrkhyz
SW has never been based on your MH weapon; it has always been based on the active weapon
Sure, I know. But I'm trying to interpret the discrepancies that are being reported and I start with the assunption that they snapshot while their MH is active.

Some people report losses of 2-3% in DPS (these are the ones I guess have very similar MH and OH weapons), others report losses up to 15%.

By eradicating the differences in the damage calculation we can effectively understand what is good and what is bad about the new patch and if there are suggestions based on data that we can give to the devs..
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When I asked a similar question, the responses I got were mostly that while you could track which was the active weapon, people generally didn't bother because it was too much work. (The exception might be if you had a 4-piece Inna's and so could setup your SW once and keep it going for the duration.) So this particular issue probably isn't going to be a big deal.
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In fact, I really like this particular change because it means less prep work for SW. Now you don't have make sure you activate your buffs before SW; you can switch them on in any order you like.
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Yes, yes. I agree with the changes of this patch too. I'm just trying to gather some data :)
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