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Need some MP10 WD's advice.

Hi guys.

Trying to get to the point where I can solo MP10 effectively.

My currently situation is:

I farm MP7/8 for keys, and MP8,9,10 for ubers.

I'm at 200k DPS, 50k Health, 4100 Armor and about 630 Resists.

My current setup is:

Bears, Widowmakers (mana), Horrify (swap out for Hex versus Ubers), Soul Harvest, Spirit Walk, Gargantuan
Passives: BR/VQ/SV

Using a 2h with only 6 PUR, 5.7% LS.

I've been looking for the following gear for the past couple of weeks, but haven't found anything in my price range:

Zuni Boots w/ AR (60+) , Int (175+), and Armor
Vile Ward w/ 205+ Int, 75+ Vit and Life % 10+

Thanks in advance guys.
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You really don't need more armour. If you are wanting the best boots for your build it would be a int/vit roll with AR. Finding one with 180+ int/ 170+ vit / 60+ AR would suit you more than the armour since you are lacking some hp / AR more than armour.

What issues are you experiencing in MP10? Your gear should be able to handle MP10 as long as you have the playstyle and skill to match it. MP10 is never a sit and tank for WD's unless you have an uber 0 dog build. You have to maneuver around affixes and ranged monster attacks, etc in order to live.

IMO running with 1.21 aps is more difficult to do than a faster attack speed since your casting animations are slower which gives vulnerability to ranged/elite affixes. People make it work though since LS Skorns are probably the most popular WD weapon to use since it's cheap. I find the higher attack speed to be beneficial for me since the casting animation of bear casts are only a quick stutter which allows me to dodge ranged and affixes in MP10.

Also, you would benefit from a nicer Zuni pox (good avg dmg, high int / vit & cc) or something. Those aren't cheap but would be a boost for you to get some more vitality on some of your gear.
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