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need help killing elites over MP5

I can farm MP5 OK. I can do MP 6, but it takes forever to kill elites. Just continues from there. I can stay alive a decent amount of time on MP 10, but can't kill anything. My damage is 69,813, APS is 2.25, crit hit chance is 18%, and critical damage is 322%, MS is +25%. Can't seem to improve any of these without taking a big hit on resistance. Actualy I rarely see anything better than what I have. Sometimes something may have 1% more on crit hit chance or something like that, but the difference is so minimal It doesn't seem worth the $500,000,000 to $1,000,000,000, not to mention I don't have the money any way. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks.
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I see you aren't using OWE (good for you). I think your resists are actually in good shape (~530 all resist). If you switched back to OWE, that would put your all resist right around 630, so that's an option since you're worried about that aspect of upgrading.

Another option would be to get an Inna's Radiance with all resist instead of armor or health globe bonus. That would give you some cushion to play around with the other upgrades you're thinking about.

Since you're using Guardian's Path, have you tried Backlash instead of Hard Target? I'm guessing w/o Hard Target, your armor is 5000 or higher, which is plenty for what you want.
The proc for Backlash is amazing, IMHO and deals quite a bit of damage.

Also, have you tried Combination Strike? It's pretty much a perma 8% damage boost while fighting, even if you use only one primary attack.

(Yes, I realize I'm suggesting things I use....lol. But I use what I do for a reason. It's worked for me since I started dual wielding, and I outlive everybody that I play with on every MP level we play on...lol.)

At any rate, these are just my thoughts! Hope they help in some way!
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Thanks. I will definitely give it a try.
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A bunch of things for now while I check from my phone. Your profile seems incomplete as a ring and gem are missing. It's hard to comment in situations like this. Hope you post again when it is more up to date. In the meanwhile, your ChC is low, nats ring without boot is weird, and it is a non traditional build. I may post again later when I am not on my phone.
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I borrowed gems for another character, forgot to replace. All gems should be in place. I guess you are suggesting I use the Nat bloody footprints?
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If you aren't going to use Nat's Boots, you can do much better in the ring department for pretty cheap actually.
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nats ring is only useful for the 2 piece combo, and even then you need high end ring+high end boots to out dps a rare ring and ice climbers or firewalkers.
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I see you've at least tried Combo Strike and Backlash....what do you think?
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