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Crafters feedback on old plans overhaul

Hello fellow crafters theres a thread in PTR i am hoping to get noticed with good feed back for a blue to send to their higher ups about crafting. I would appreciate it if the dwindling crafting community went in there and gave their two cents on the situation and what is wrong.

I think blizzard is taking the easy way out by just adding these quick BOA crafted items instead of addressing the real issues with crafting. Here is a post i did in the thread, feel free to join in and add your two cents on the situation.

I think this is a very lazy and bad decision from the developer. Still can fathom why would they introduces a new recipe and make it BOA, when the existed crafting needs serious tweak and changes to be useful.

This is what i said in another post. What blizzard did was just add more crafting but they forgot about ALL the legendary and set crafting, because as it stands now 99% of those are all garbage and cant even remotely come close to competing.

After the 1.04 legendary buff they forgot to buff crafted legendaries and sets and what it did was instantly make them all garbage.

Perfect examples of this are the crafted items that have been complete garbage since launch.
Demons Skin, Griswolds Masterpiece, Wondrous Deflectors, Robes of the Rydraelm, Gehennas, Fire Brand, Rozepedins Staff, Venom Husk, Ruinstoke, Blood MAgic Blade, Earthshatter.

All of the above are level 60 craft able weapons and armor that look cool but are literraly wasted polygons since they are next to useless. Even the most perfect roll will never become competitive in their sorry state. Of course crafters dont want them to be BIS but at least make them competitive.

The only plans worth making and barely are Hallowed Set mostly because the shields are coming back in business for pvp and the Helm of command for the block chance but even then the chances of anything decent is VERY VERY low.

Also blizzard took a step backwards in 1.04 with crafting when they decided to NERF sages set by removing the 12% move speed auto roll on the boots. What where they thinking?? now nobody makes the boots except for the gloves.

The old plans are there, the models are there, what isnt there is competitive numbers and rolls to make them usable anymore. They buffed all legendaries but forgot the crafted ones and left them in the dust. By making these new plans i think thats fine to add more content and make them BOA since they CAN be BIS but what they need to do now is address all the old crappy crafted gear and just bump up the numbers a bit. Its not like its a ton of work since everything is already there and ready to go. They just need to make the numbers better.

Make ALL craftable gear have a chance to roll from the ilvl 63 pool

Heres a link to the thread in the PTR suggestions area. Stop on by and let blizzard know how you feel about it all. Hopefully a blue will take notice and relay this to their higher ups.

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