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Late to the FA nerf party

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I read some forum where they mentioned low hp + force armor + diamond skin would give you a guaranteed 15-17 hits before death. And by this point I'm probably being laughed at because this was nerfed a looong time ago. But the idea (before belial 1shot me through crystal shell & force armor) seemed really cool.

The build depends on utility skills and living lightning- probably the weakest wizard skill behind the mirror image rune that does damage. If we're doing no damage, shouldn't we be gaining survivability? Being hit by a ton of mobs at once or a few that hit rapidly makes the build difficult without the nerf. Why is it really necessary? Apparently the pro players already overcame the nerf to resume being overpowered with it, so blizzard really only hurt the players using the build because it was the only build they (or we, myself included) could afford.

A lot of people flamed earlier posters with this issue "you can see where belial is going to hit and his arms move slowly. Just step out of the way". Stepping out of the way is not a skill that requires certain gear and occupies a skill slot. What advantage does using force armor & living lightning & diamond skin have over a player who wants to just dodge? None. In fact, there is a deficit of 3 occupied skill slots that do very low damage or none at all & negate damage at 0% effectiveness against belial.

Does anyone consider this at all? Dodging is easy and requires no resource or skill slot or anything. Even without the nerf, force armor would be occupying one slot and only make you stand 2 additional hits. Some of you might then be thinking force armor just isn't the right approach to belial or any high hitting monster. Pre-nerf, it was at least arguably viable. Now, you just occupy a bunch of slots with useless skills to be 1shot anyway.

Any thoughts on this? Even with Wilson gone I doubt anything is going to change. There will be new content, % increases in skills, new mechanics that make them overall nerfs, and then an expansion with an announcement of diablo 4.
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You're probably not playing it right. To effectively utilise Force Armour, you need armour and resistance as well. Not being able to absorb >100% of your life in damage with simply means that you have to reduce that damage dealt.

Here's a good wziard who uses FA: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/profile/Lilspark-1868/hero/3086994
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