Wuz^ monk community. Me and my farming buds are looking for an active monk for our farming team. Play times are between 7-11 EST weekdays.


1. conviction aura
2. 100k+ sheet dmg
3. enough defense to run mp7-8 with minimal deaths
4. Have skype and microphone (we hate typing and enjoy being social while playing)
5. Patient, easy going and a sense of humor
6. Follow the party leader
7. Available to play atleast 1 hour sessions 2-3 days a week between 7-11 est

Meet the team:

EddardStark#1833 - Witch Doctor
Vibe#1320 - Wizard
Osmodious#1131 - Barbarian

If you're interested in playing with us feel free to add me or any of the other 2 players listed in game.
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