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Paper Doll vs Effective DPS

On the Looking for Group channels, a lot of people look for only Monks with 200k+ or 225k+ DPS. I know that my gear is kinda silly in it's excessive focus on Sweeping Wind(Cyclone), but it does generate one heck of a lot of hard hitting cyclones. I currently have almost no trouble at all on MP8 farming runs (I have 34 infernal machines in the bank I may never use). My cyclones carry me through most arcane enchants and all freezes.

I could do an Azmodan run or 3 to see how much time it takes to get him down, and use that to calculate my effective DPS.

Have I completely gimped myself out with my +37% Sweeping Winds, Maxed Lightning Skill WKL, and Maxed vs Elites SoJ?
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That is a very impressive set up. unfortunately it might be quite hard to find upgrades.
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Yeah, any upgrades are just small steps. Like Lacunis with 9% IAS, 6crit, and real Dex. Or a better EF/ or WKL (ouch). But the new patch crafting may help!
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Ya I have noticed that too. I have a ton of hidden DPS with SOJ and an extra 22.5% crit chance of wave of light if using a shield. People on several occasions have accused me of doing some sort of damage bug in pvp as they don't understand how they can get 1 shotted from a monk with under 100k (even some really high ehp barbs).
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I think its fing awesome honestly. Nice build man.
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That WoL Crit Build for PvP seems bad !@# too. I bet peoples hp just drop when you hit those crits lol.

The only time I pvped, with basically the gear I have on now.. I was dropping some pretty good geared people with WoL... Man I could only imagine with your crit gear, I'm sure tons of fun. ^_^
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I really like the 6% melee damage reduction on the gloves... but I agree that gloves are a good choice for upgrade, to perfect IAS and CC, and high CHD. I would only do Innas for a better Innas belt, because I love me the 4-pc set bonus.; no WH for me.

Do other people have setups with a huge investment in hidden damage? Just curious.
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Yeah, check out my WD. I was even using a Burning Axe of Sankis until I found that Manajuna's yesterday for 6% fire and 23% fire skills a la WKL. I was using Blazing Spiders and Burning Dogs too.
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