Diablo® III

WTB Full Wiz or barb set

i want to buy one of the two sets spending 500 mill leave me a msg.
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selling my cm wizard able to solo mp10 easily for 350mil
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selling a budget cm set for 60M if interested..
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250m Barb Cheap
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not bad i will keep in mind but for now bump
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selling my Barb for 500m :)
sometime i take off the gem for other char so here is the picture of my Brb stats
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ur taking all the gems? and is that unbuff?
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this is unbuff, you can see the picture.
500m is without gem but if you want i can sell it for cheaper price than AH (20% cheaper)
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so how cheap? cuz with out gemz its w.e
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i sell the gear for 500m.
gem i sell at the price that 20% lower than AH.
in total it around 580m i think, but if you want to negotiate pls add me in game
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cam ur barb solo infurno?
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i can solo any mp.add me in game if you want to see.
i have another set for lower price :
here is the stats : http://i.imgur.com/yKH2CLL.jpg
compare to the other set:
20k DPS lower
9k Hp more
2.5% LifeSteal more (so you can use another passive other than bloodthirst)

i can sell it for 420m :)
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yeah i would like to see, and i was jw whats stats buff and ur res and what not if u can list. and i was also wondering so 500m for all the gear or 580 for gear+gem?
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hmmmmmmmm i will have to see.... i like them both. i will add you tomorrow when i go on and we can talk
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ok here is my stats unbuff:

1. 580m set (include gems) :
177k DPS
580 all res
44k hp
5.8 LS (with passive)
cc 56.5
cd 500%

2. 420m set (without gem) 500m (with gems)
144k DPS
558 all res
52.7 k Hp
8.2 LS (with passive) 5.2 (without passive) -> ls on both weapon so you can choose to use another passive instead of Bloodthirst
same CC and CD with no.1 set
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i like the first one bettter whats the stats on it buffed???
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