While I've been playing this great game (I agree with many, it has it's flaws, but that's normal: it's a human creation, which is flawed by nature), I've gotten really curious about several things. Besides the gaming experience, the names present in Diablo 3 really got my attention. Your read well: names, especially when talking about the Legendary items.

I'm aware of some examples of this:
  • Tasker and Theo: this gloves are named after a British Soldier (Liam Tasker) and his Dog (Theo) (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theo_(dog) info on the dog and it's story)
  • The Wtiching Hour: this belt is named after a novel written by Anne Rice and it's the first in a group of books known as the "The Mayfair Witches"
  • I haven't had time, so far, to search for other background stories like these. If you have any, don't hesitate to write it here or at least give a hint about.