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[Build] DW XP/Loot Dashing Ninja Build

Woohoo! Field-tested by a TR monk! Oh, this is great. I'm gonna have to put Piffle's results of this build onto the front page. :D

A couple of comments though:

01/31/2013 07:28 AMPosted by Piffle
One issue I did run into, which was a little odd, is that my SW/Submission was doing so much damage that I had trouble getting/keeping the 3x stack from WotHF going. That might be a lack of experience with it, but I dunno.

I found the same thing too when I was originally putting this build together. I originally had MoC/Submission in place of MoH/CB and found that (1) I had spirit issues because DSing from one point to another was keeping my spirit really low, therefore unable to spam SSS when necessary and (2) like what you discovered, MoC/Submission coupled with max stack of SW was doing too much damage and killing monsters so quickly, I couldn't land any actual punches with BF except for the strongest of whites. Those were the two main reasons I switched out MoC/Submission for MoH/CB.

With your spirit regen and your DPS, you are probably at the DPS level (as I mentioned in the OP) where MP0 might be too easy for you, and I wonder if moving up to MP1 would actually be better, especially after Blizz readjusts the bonus XP for MP1 and up. Perhaps you could get more XP this way with the MoC/Submission in place?

Another thing I'd love for you to try (since I don't have the gear setup like yours) is perhaps dropping mantras altogether (since it might be tipping your DPS over the edge in terms of required power output for MP0) and putting in one of two skills. (1) Cyclone Strike / Implosion to suck monsters towards you so you don't have to run around as much or (2) WoL/Empowered Wave, since you have little or no spirit regen issues. You can effectively drop a bell in room or area behind you as you are running to clear out any straggling monsters that you don't feel like going back for.

Neither of them have cooldowns, so you can use it more often, and WoL/EW you can use if SSS is on cooldown. Both will benefit also from the 1.0.7 upcoming damage buffs too.

Anyway, thanks for testing this Piffle and for the feedback. Great to see the potential of a build like this for DW monks. :)
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No, it gives a 48% buff in overall damage. Popping that and then seven sided strike deals a *HUGE* amount of damage.

Listen, my intent was not to argue, just to give an alternative. But it's obvious that alternative ideas aren't welcome in the old boys club. Enjoy your burrito.

Nameless, didn't you say you were a relationship counselor...? =)
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Nice one :) good guide...
I have tried similar on PTR using this build (similar as in not using TR but still be fast)
http://us.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/monk#aeSdfQ!cZb!abYaZZ (thinking about changing FoT to Quickening for more spirit and use Dashing for mobility exclusively / use the reduced cost for Cyclone strike --- am debating with myself still!)

Granted I dont run MP0, rather MP2-5 and seemed to work really well (I have 180K DPS unbuffed with SOJ and 6 spirit/sec on gear giving me 15 spirit / sec total)

Gameplay is teleporting - running - pulling mobs and dropping bells :p
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Just comparing this to the TR build . . . I think it's a good build overall, and spices things up if you're bored from doing TR all day. You definitely need to position yourself better to optimise the MS buff from WOTHF and DS and this 'keeps you on your toes' more, constantly looking for that monster at the edge of your screen. I find overall that TR definitely gives you a more consistently fast MS, especially when the mob density is low in some areas. I suppose TR is a more 'passive' playstyle and the new build is more engaging. So in summary, I think TR is still more efficient if done right, but this build is more fun!
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Thanks EmperorMao for testing this build out and sharing some of your mods on this build, and also the results. Truth be told, I haven't been able to try this out with superior gear, so I am truly thankful to Mao & Piffle for testing and sharing some of their mods of this build, and their results.

Accordingly, I have edited the OP with some updates that makes references to these posts, and also rewrote parts of it to reflect the potential of a build based on the skills/runes in the OP. I have also changed the name of the build, just to give it a bit of a flashier name, but it is still essentially the same thing.

And thanks to the others for testing this out and sharing some of their experiences. I hope that I can encourage more to test, more people to share their mods and their results and I'll link them up in the OP. I'd love to see if there is a DW farming spec that can rival that of Druin's when it comes to XP/hr efficiency, as it can help add to build variety in this game.
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Very nice, I am def going to try this build out. Just need boost my dps a bit, but that should be easy enough. With my build I won't have to change a lot of stuff around so muscle memory should serve me well. Going to try this build out and also this build with a few changes such as trying it with FoT and CS and bells in 1.7 and seeing the differences. Never did get into TR build, even though it is (was?lol) the most efficient in terms xp, just because I wanted to be more involved in the game play. This should also work better then TR I'm thinking in the upcoming patch since it's prob going to be better for higher MPs. Great job and thanks for the effort and time in coming up this and writing up this post to share with us, also kudos to CountFury in helping you out with some of it.
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My name is EmperorMao and I'm actually making a constructive post in regards to the actual thread topic. Alert the police!

I tried using this build and it was very entertaining, though I did find it very clunky. There were plenty of situations where I had no need to attack something as they would be dead by the time I ran past them but had to in order to keep the WotHF buff up. I toyed around with the skills until I found something that worked pretty well for me but kept the ninja dashing craziness and some of the speed your build offered. My best runs were ~77mil exp/hour using the modified build.

Fleet Footed
Chant of Resonance
One With Everything

Abilities - Runes
Fists of Thunder - Thunderclap
Sweeping Winds - Master of Wind
Dashing Strike - Quicksilver/Way of the Falling Star
Breath of Heaven - Blazing Wrath
Mantra of Conviction - Submission
Blinding Flash - Faith in the Light

The premise is basically the same - activate a buffed SW and dash around like a crack ninja. The difference is that with TC you have an extra dash that generates spirit instead of costs spirit and does way more DPS than WotHF. It also allows me to kill elite packs within the duration of a BF to act as my SSS. Breath of Heaven is there as a little health buffer and for added SW and Submission damage.

Depending on whether you're fine on spirit when doing these runs you can change Quicksilver to WotFS for a little more speed. I haven't tested WotFS yet, but with Quicksilver my bulb was always full due to the spirit gain from using TC as a secondary teleport and the passive spirit gen I had from Chant and Inna's Radiance.

I actually think this is very similar to the build Scrapz was using to level up, though I think he was using Bells instead of SSS.

I assume you were running on MP 0? I want to try it on MP 1, not sure if the killing time increase will be too rough.
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I think I'm settling in on a name for the build (thanks to something that EmperorMao wrote). I think I'll need to ask Kamel to update the name in his guide info list. :)
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I just tried one run on MP1 (all I had time for). It did take a little longer, but I felt like it was easier to keep up the 3 stack from WotHF.

Took 15 minutes, ended up at 55 exp/hour. Obviously small sample size here, but that might bode well especially for next patch.
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I like the new name. :D

Did a few more runs today and switched out MoH with MoC: Submission and WotHF with FoT: TC. I found MoC more efficient for me. It could be that my DPS is not high enough to run MoH and kill faster.

I've quoted this before and will do so again:

01/28/2013 09:19 AMPosted by Nameless
When you do come across an elite / champion pack, the key sequence (assuming nothing is on cooldown and your spirit pool is pretty high) is DS to target, BF/FitL, SSS/FO and then WotHF/BF to kill what's still alive.

This. It's BEYOND fun! :D
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Had some fun with this tonight! The one thing I have to say is it is hard in dense areas to not pick up random bs from off the floor. On the same note with all the ms it is sometimes hard to pick up something you actually want to! I am wondering at how much pickup radius a solid addition though as I was many times off to the next group before the gold even popped up. This will be much easier IMO to run some mindless mp0-2 w a group than TR.
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I've been meaning to try this build out. I will be trying it out on this fine saturday morning/afternoon. I don't think my DPS will be at 100k dps, probably more around the 80k mark, we'll see how it goes! Thanks Nameless!
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