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Concerning "PoE vs D3" posts...

Guys please,if u think PoE is better than Diablo 3,go play it.Do not waste your play time babbling and argueing here about which one is the best.Each of them has its pros/cons.
Do something "constructive" rather than pointlessly argueing here and filling the forums with nonsense...
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people are showing blizzard thats possible to do something better than jay wilson 3

did you forget that to most people who post here have a d3 account?
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d3 can't get better for now.
devs are busy playing PoE.
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Games Gaming and Hardware forum, you're posting in the wrong section. Nevermind posting, you're reading the wrong section.

here you go OP...
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It wouldn't be so bad if the posts were objective comparisons, but there's a lot of misinformation from both sides. There's also a lot of mud slinging and just plain trolling going on. It's obnoxious.

Also a lot of those people act like it's impossible to enjoy two games at the same time.
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I am playing POE, and so Hard. And 60 thousand more players are online with me bro... isnt that great?
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sorry but what is poe??
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Those PoE vs D3 comparisons are stupid indeed but the problem is that some people(fanboys) havent played one or another game and start posting ignorant filth about the other game.
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well, PoE and D3, aside from having similarities, are competing for the same timeslot of my very valuable time. (along with my wife, friends, girlfriend and booze; but for the sake of keeping on topic and human decency i will not compare the latter).

I am a diablo franchise, pnc-grind-gear game fan. I do like D3 (despite being severely disappointed in light of what it could have been), I do like TL2 (do not care about outdated graphics, I played a fair share of text based games that were fun, for !@#$s sakes).

As far as D3 goes, i just feel like it insults my intelligence as a human being and a gamer. I am a fairly successful man, with an ability to figure out complex and non-obvious solutions to situations presented at hand. Diablo 3 simply denies me the possibility of having a gameplay based on my individuality, it is akin to playing video slots at the casino. Old Russian song comes to ming, by legendary (in its sphere) rock singer Viiktor Tsoy that roughly translates "Press a button, Achieve a result" which highlights how taking an easy and simple way out in life is a preferred strategy by modern youth. But we are talking about a game for %^-*s sake. It should, at the very least, challenge you.

Which is what, the way i see it so far, I will receive in PoE. Currently i have a level 34 all-in summoner witch (that plays oh-so-similar to D2's necro ! YEY) and i am stuck at a boss that is seemingly designed to DECIMATE my specific build. And that is on NORMAL difficulty. I am trying to think of a strategy to defeat that said boss, which is normally a joke for most other players, and i keep failing. And that is what keeps me coming back to game more and more, to try and get past one hurdle to see the next.

Also, unique items with unique game-changing abilities. Also build specific items. And all the depth that Diablo 3 is lacking.

So, in conclusion, PoE is what does it for me for reason(s) above. After i put in as much time into it as i did in D3, i might change my opinion, and i will report with all due diligence. But there is simply more things to do there, so i think a bit more than 600 or so hours i spent on D3 will be required. Will take months. And isnt that what the game's developers should consider a success, after all ?

What D3 did give me, though, is a lifetime access to forums (well at least until they pull the plug, if ever.) so i can read opinions and share mine with others from work. That is, quite possibly, worth $60 to me.

P.S.: UNFORTUNATELY, PoE is free. I would have loved devs to actually cash out just a bit, even if it is a fraction of what Bliz made on D3. I did give them $50.00 and now have those tokens sitting on my account, without me having any incentive to spend them on something. So yeah, no pay-to-win. In comparison, i have never spent a single penny past initial $60+tax i paid for d3's rmah. Would king of kill it for me.

P.P.S.: Pv to the muthafuggin P.
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this forum is for discussing non-blizzard games. so discussing POE is fine. :-)

POE rocks. D3 blows.
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