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I recently got back into D3, and am loving almost every minute of it, especially all the quality of life changes that have been made and are being made, but there is one thing that still really frustrates me. When an item drops, and I ID it, I know generally what kind of stats are good for my class/spec (Critical hit chance/damage, strength, IAS, whatever), and I know that they cannot roll any values on any item, but there is nothing in the game itself to help me figure out how good the item I got rolled. I know there are sources outside the game you can consult to find out just how much crit chance you can get on an item, or what the max strength on a ring is, but it would be awesome to see it in game. Something like a bar on each stat, that filled up the closer to "perfect" it rolled on that stat. So a weapon with say, 50% Critical hit damage would have the bar behind CHD on filled a little, but if it rolled with 150%, it would be almost full, just for an example. This seems like a fairly simple thing to add, though I don't know the exact coding, and it would make the item hunt far more satisfying and easier to follow. I hate getting an item that looks good until I realize that 100 strength on THAT slot is chump change, or that item is worthless without critical hit chance AND damage at least X and Y, etc.
Anyone else wish there was a system like this, or have a better way to implement the same core idea? Even an official blizzard page on the site would be nice, or a way to compare your armory stats to the "perfect" stats for each slot etc.
Edit: Also I barely use the forums, should I post this here or in say, general discussion? Thanks!
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