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"Bounty" Thread


The following is a popular demand thread detailing requesting for specific creatures, NPC, and/or locations. This "Bounty" thread is an off-shoot of the "Unique Collection" thread.

Expecting numerous bounties for the same creature/NPC/location, one bounty can be added to by 2 other players (maximum of 3). If the hunter wants to collect the bounty then any or all of these three bounty payers can pay their component of the fee. An example follows in the first post. If you are simply giving a unique away, please see http://us.battle.net/d3/en/forum/topic/7709111869?page=1#0.

Happy Hunting!

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Bounty: 6 million gold (3 million Vinzzo, 2 million Duffman, 1 million develmaycry)

Target: Blarg the Imp

PM Vinzzo#1671 or Duffman#1295 or develmaycry#1873
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Bounty: 5 million gold

Target: Dataminer

PM Eskima#1743 (can PM TheEgg69#1602 if needed as I can get in touch with Eskima)
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Bounty: 5 million gold (3 million Viper, 2 million Duffman)

Target: Hellscream

PM Duffman#1295, Viper#1271
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pretty sure that Plague Swarm is bugged,

I offer 500K for

rare: enraged phantom

pretty much any unique(anything outside thrum, the ghosts, hellscream, goes for 1 M each)

will provide a picture in which you can see whats left unticked.
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2m each!

Bellybloat the Scarred : Cathedral Level 4
Jezeb the conjuror : Leoric's Manor

Otzi the Cursed : Eastern Channel (Western Channel too?)
Saha the Slasher : Howling Plateau
Sammash : Alcarnus
Hellscream : Unknown Depths
Mage Lord Flaydren : Unknown Depths/Storm Halls?
Mage Lord Caustus : Storm Halls

Captain Dale : Keep Depths Level 1
Dreadgrasp : The Battlefields
Mehsak the Abomination : The Battlefields
Severclaw : Arreat Crater Level 1
Riplash : Tower of the Damned Level 2

Khatun : Gardens of Hope 1st Tier
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Woot done thank you guys!!
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Bounty: 5 million gold softcore gold

Target: Enraged Phantom Rare (for Hardcore) (From Normal to Inferno)


Spawn @ Decaying Crypt if not mistaken
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completed achievement
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Looking for:

Rathlin the Widowmaker
Gart the Mad

1m gold upon getting the mob's name checked on the achievement.
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I got hellscream up

waiting for duffman / queenofbabes or viper if they're coming

i'll wait for 15-20 mins

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I've already got Hellscream, but thanks anyway.

However, I would totally pay a 15M bounty on Gormungandr. After weeks of searching I just want him done.

EDIT: Gormungandr down, and I collected the bounty rather than paying it!
I'm all done with uniques now, thanks in part to this group.
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Sorry wrong thread ><
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bounty 15mil each

hellscream, raiha, riplash
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wow, you guys sure are offering huge rewards. I'm not so rich =(
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changing bounty to 15mil now :)

p.s. please make sure im online before you hunt for me.
Edited by swapto#1469 on 2/15/2013 3:36 AM PST
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