Diablo® III

Gear check plss what I'am doing wrong

Im still farming mp5 but I want too move up plss help..
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You have 9 APOC ....

How does this build even work ?
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I was testing mempo but I do have storm crow..
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Ok i'll be constructive.

Break this down for you.

There are some GLARING issues that you have that make your build not work.

1) You have 9 APOC. You need at leassttttt 2 pieces and 20 APOC.

2) You have < 2.51 APS. You need more attack speed. Especially with your low LOH and low CC. Leads me to my #3.

3) Your CC is too low for my liking, even if you were at 2.73 OR 3.0 APS, your CC is low. Your losing out on so much from not having CC on your bracer AND helm. Your using nats set as well, there really is no excuse this is an issue.



1) Lose the Mempo for Storm crow OR APOC Force, dependant on budget.

2) Lose the Lacuni for CC lacuni

3) Lose pox for rare trifecta ring or IAS/CC ring with other supporting stats

4) Really need IAS on your amulet, whatever else you can afford after is secondary.

5) Add IAS to your gloves...

You should hit 2.73 BP with 68% attack speed and your 1.63 APS wand. With 19+ APOC from storm crow and 900 LOH.

Your paper DPS is great, but your too focus on that instead of having a operational build. Right now your gear is not working for the specs needed for this build. Lay off the critical damage and focus more on what works. IAS and CC.

This should get you started.
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Thank you so much
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