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The power of cold

So, I'm noticing that of all the elemental damages, COLD rules! Holy, Arcane, Fire, Lightning, Poison all just provide pretty effects. Cold actually has a real "effect" in that it slows the enemy. Why is that? Shouldn't it be something like this:

Holy - 2x damage vs. Undead
Arcane - 2x damage vs. Deamons
Fire/Poison - 4x weapon damage over XX seconds (DOT)
Lightning - 1.5 second stun on hit.

I mean, if Cold gets an auto SLOW hit, shouldn't the others get something like the above? Or am I missing something and the other elemental damages have an effect I'm not aware of??
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I agree, what Blizzard is doing with elemental damage makes no sense.

Have you seen the affixes on weapons such as "chill on hit" and "slow on hit"..... wtf is the difference.

They need to fix this.
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01/25/2013 02:29 PMPosted by Balrog
Have you seen the affixes on weapons such as "chill on hit" and "slow on hit"..... wtf is the difference.

Chill on hit would slow attack speed and run speed, slow on hit would only reduce run speed.

I agree, this is part of the whole itemization issue.
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Cold may be the best. But it still sucks.
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in d2 poison had a dot effect. but the others were just pretty effects/different numbers. for instance lightning damage was always really really wide. with most skills/damahge on weapons having a higher maximum value than others. but the minimum value being 1 damage.

in development they all had different effects but our good old friend jay wilson decided to scrap them because he figured everybody would just go after the highest dps one anyway. they also had certain crit effects

cold: chill on hit, freeze on crit
holy: extra damage to undead, heal on crit (that woulda been kinda cool)
arcane: I know was silence on crit, I think it was reduce spell effectiveness on hit? (btw silence was preventing monsters from being able to "cast" anything, so limiting them to melee attacks for a second)
fire: idk I think it just looked alot cooler?
lightning: massively wide min and max numbers, I think crits would spawn charged bolts or lightning, I forget tho
poison: damage over time, think it was a small cloud on crit? (again not sure on this one)
black: bleed on crit I think...

EDIT: I was wrong about some of the effects on crit. I found the old list here http://www.diablowiki.net/Combat#Critical_Hit_Effects
apparently there used to be both poison and disease damage types

All of that would have been waaaaay better than...um...nothing.

You know, everyone is all DPS-crazy, but if you made the right tweaks to some of the secondary effects, it can bring a borderline DPS weapon up into a possibility. For example, if I can stun everyone around me with a wide lightning smash attack and keep that stun up, I can forgo a lot of melee/defense and focus on offensive bonus jewelry and armor set ups. It would just bring into play way more armor/weapons/legendaries and make the game just that much more enjoyable (and viable hunting wise)
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Cold does the least damage. On weapons and on skills. That's why everyone hates Frost Beam because it doesn't do ENUFF DAMAEG!!!11
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Cold has another effect called no DPS.
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01/25/2013 03:37 PMPosted by okComputer
Cold has another effect called no DPS.

So COLD damage on a weapon isn't accurate? Or if a weapon does 1000 dps and it says "Cold Damage 400-600" then instead of 1000 dps + 400-600dmg you are doing 1000 dps, but half that is in "cold dmg"? Vs. a black weapon where 300 min + 300 max actually adds that dmg to the weapon?
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D3 gets better by the month. What you say will happen OP.
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if they left in the original effects on critical hits. it would have been awesome

except instead of people complaining there are no effects they would just be complaining that the best effect doesn't spawn with enough damage

SO BS FIRE DEALS 1000 but Cold only deals 200!!

etc etc.

I think it would have been cool, but ahh well.
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