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fear and loathing in diablo 3 - tester waiting for pvp

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I like the idea of ruby's getting a make over. I'd like to see another gem in the mix so there are more variable builds. I am writing from a WD approach since that is the class I have loved since beta. I am writing from the perspective of a super fan who was nuts over d3 in beta and for the first two months after release. I still review the news and hop in to play once every few months to see if there are changes.

My other threads I'd like to update:
Economics and gold sinks:

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There are so many threads like this, so thank you for anyone that reads it:)
Background: I heavily participated in making dozens of posts in beta. I run an IT helpdesk and have 15 years of beta testing experience. I have written over 1000 technical articles and love testing games (although you will find I hate grammar)!

1. I'd like to see less of a reliance on zombie bears (the other runes in that skill tree are useless) which in itself makes other builds less useful which goes away from the dev motto of "thousands of builds". Other skills are still not used and their rune variants. They still need a heavy make over for this class. Use statistical data or use the plethora of feedback to identify those abilities. I could write forever on this topic... there are too many already so I know the devs know which is great. I have seen my feedback and others in beta come to life in the game so I know they listen.

2. An idea for balance + mp for 1.08 to bring in line pvp would be to buff hps. some folks have said this since go live. leave healing where it is at this time (or remove the inferno nerf, hidden deductions do not make sense to casual players and hinder gameplay. For instance my wife refuses to play since they implemented death penalties which were ruthless in inferno).

- increase the HP gain at a higher rate. the average player has 20-60k hp, some 100k. Instead shoot for 200k-600k.
- keep attack where it is at (instead of 1 hit shot its 2-6 with healing even more)
- keep monster health where it is at to balance the attack
- adjust mp levels a bit differently
mp3 should replace mp0 (which is too easy and not fun. most casual gamers dont even understand or know it exists from my personal experience of casual gamers (10+ in a row!))
- the monster hp should stay the same
- their difficulty should increase. so... in short mp3 should really be mp0 but only in their attack abilities. hp should scale at their current rate.

3. on that note... mp0 is a bit too weak and unclear to casual gamers. please build an in place prompt to explain it to gamers which they can later dismiss. or let them select it a bit more clearly each time they create or join a game. trust me, non-nerd gamers would appreciate this! when writing technical writing its always advised to write it in your audience's shoes or "for the dumbest person to follow it". Therefore simplify it. Same with implementing hidden features. It really is unnecessary to block skills at this point in the game from users being able to select what they want. Half the time the skills are so useless it is very limiting for a new player that doesnt realize they can unlock which skills they want to pick from in their skill bar. Again this is from WD where many runes are not being utilized at this time due to their lack of oomf.

4. Reward non-critical players. When did the game become Critical only? Yes it did increase dramatically after the IAS nerf but at the time players were just using IAS + crit anyway. There has to be something more than cookie cutter "you need to play this build with this gear set or you will never be as good as me".

The difference between the average player's gear and top player is insane: its highly critical rate based.

[b]Solution: give players critical resistant gear for pvp. Give players critical resistant skill buffs to less used runes like horrify. This will prepare for pvp. It would also help to create alternative passives that reward non-critical damage. Or modify less used skills to reward non-critical damage.

It can also help if "resistance against elites" included a % chance to negate critical damage. For instance 25% less damage from elites included both 25% damage reduction and 25% chance to dodge critical strikes.

Make gear against critical - make the block rate completely negate critical damage. 30% block = 30% critical absorption (still absorb non-critical damage and subtract shield block bonus).

5. I have read hundreds of great posts on ideas for skills/runes. I know they need love. We could use some new passives that oomf up less used skills. For instance bring back from beta the % damage bonuses to using frogs. Give us a reason not to use bears. If it was up to me I would remove critical % chance from skills because it is so ruthless and important. However that is just a huge nerf that would be horrible for the game. Lets get creative! Give us new alternatives to IAS and Critical damage.
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The other part that is confusing... at launch I wrote complaints to devs that it was insulting to call us "glass cannons" when we are causal gamers playing with the low quality loot drops we were being given (until they made rares fun again!). However the entire game design now seems to reward the wealthier players that have extremely high never thought possible by devs in beta DPS ratings by critical modifiers.

I have seen 30-50% crit rates and 200-350% crit damage bonuses which are insane. I'd hate to say cap it but it might be necessary.

maybe cap it for all classes but monk where it fits the culture of their character to like 30% for each class and 40% for monk. Then max crit damage out at 200 or 250%.

Thats just me but something does need to change. BEEF UP THE REST so that critical isn't as important would be even better. Give us more raw damage modifiers that are NOT giving bonuses to crit. So it increases your minimum damage/max damage but not crit damage in the calculator which could be based more on the base damage instead of the modified damage of a weapon.

Throwing out ideas as they come in my head. I know alot of them are not great ideas but its good to have it out there.
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Another idea... have crowd control gear reduce crits or elite resist gear reduce crits.

I'm leaning torwards an hp boost to make things fun. Then create a few alternatives that do not stack with ias or crit gear but only apply to normal damage. Have these items/set qualities applied on sets that are not popular today for ias or crit builds.
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just tried pvp dual:
a. it did reduce damage which was great
b. barbs do have a 5:1 advantage vs wd
-almost all skills were useless since you are already dead
-drain and run kite skills were helpful like haunt because i had to get off the screen
c. critical is way over powered. 1 crit = death
-i have -30%+ reduce damage against elities, -15% damage passive, -20% damge passive, shield with 32% block = death death death.

1-30 kill ratio.

that was not the fun i had envisioned during beta! the beta videos looked more fun than whatever i just experienced. i tend to feel this game should of been critical hits 3 instead of diablo 3.
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after more thoughts on the dual...
barb is a crit machine, there is no way to compeat. do we nerf throwing axe or the character as a whole?

i know there are WD out there with several hundred thousand dps that could pwn a barb. just not sure if this is really fun. to me crit is worse than ias a year ago.
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More thoughts today:
-in pvp your shield is useless since the critical hit will 1 hit kill you.
-if you buff shields for barbarians you are making them even more powerful
-the WD is still stuck being a cookie cutter build. almost everyone is using pets to buy some breathing room.

All builds look like they will need 70k+ hp, 800+ resist and 7000+ armor which is crazy.

This is not the game I had thought I would be buying. I hope they create some creative solutions soon.

One idea would be start by making shields like d2 instead of 30% chance or less in d3. Even with 50% blocking on my WD with uber gear my guy 1 hit dies because I dont have 80hp, I only have 40k. Am I still a glass cannon in the eyes of the developers since I didn't spend $300 on the best gear in the game?

There has to be a better way.

Monk: ultimate defense, great offense geared torewards crits
Barb: ultimate defense, ultimate crit build
DH: great offense, bad defense
WD: great offense (can be overkill with high gear), bad defense
Wiz: I havn't played my guess is they are similar to WD.

Basically the Barbarian will continue to have a huge advantage.

Two key issues I see for WD (and wiz):
a. the defense skills are useless in pvp. I used both passives to reduce damage, the storm shield, 50% block, -30% elite damage and the damage is similar to when this gear is not equipped.

b. INT does nothing to help their character other than damage. It doesn't add HP and it doesn't add defense. A proposal would be to have it give a 4:1 ratio towards defense, health and resources (mana).
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ranting today.... didnt get to respond to the question chat

90% of the skill runes are useless. 99% of my online friends quit. i would like to see an effort greater than 1.0-1.07 combined. honestly a year later i thought most of the seen changes would of been done torwards July not january the next year. its very hard to convince anyone to come back and play. its even harder now that the different between the above average joe gear set and the guys playing the game is night and day. there is no way to compete with my 100mil set vs someone's 1bil+ set vs my friends 500k set (all 50 that quit and havnt signed since summer).
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