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Can someone give me a hand ?

So I used to play wizzy all the time at the start of d3 and stopped. Could someone steer me in the right direction, towards if I should be cm or if I should do archon? I realize archon requires alot of dps but I like that form alot better so if you guys have a form towards gearing and skill set up for that could someone please give me that hyper link. Also I know my wizz sucks so dont go there thanks :)
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Archon does huge damage, melting things really fast but too vulnerable at the same time.
CM can tank and kill anything, depending on your gear.
Both builds require a lot of gold.
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archon for mp0/1 farmin can be done for a lot less gold tho if u snipe? ive seen threads about 1million archons i would assume 10-25 would make a steamroll mp1/2 archon
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How much do you have to spend?

Either way, my advice is to start off making an archon set. Invest most heavily into items you can use both for Archon and CM (tal's chest with high int, vit and armor or ar, vile w/ 240+ int, 50+ vit. and a good black wep like butcher's with socket and a witching hour.). Like most will tell you, cm is great. You can kill just about anything. I, however, spend most of my time in archon grinding mp1/2 for drops/xp and switch to cm for ubers. CM is really spammy, my fingers can only take so much :P

Search youtube for "budget archon" and grind mp0/1 hard until about paragon 40/50.

Good luck.
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Thank you everyone :) I am actually a barb and grind with him I am playing wizzy for fun and would like to challenge myself more the problem i am facing even when I use my CM gear is the fact if I get touched I insta die which makes no sense I have 600 RA + with out buff 48 cc and 2.0 attack speed and 20 + APOC thats for my cm build I have noticed that with my lifesteal skorn i have I feel archo does amazing damage I am just not doing enough for mp3 I can do mp 1 and 2 pretty well. Is there a min resit all I should be trying to hit ? and how much MS 12 , 24 ? As for spending I am selling all my extra gear i have right now on AH so once that sells maybe 50m + So I truly dont know untils. I do have another question the chant source would that be good for if I was using archon with lets set a chant wand or a EF wand ? I can always find amazing deals on EF. I just cant figure out what skills i exactly need for archon either see just a big mess lol. But I do appreciate everyone giving me advice :)
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