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is my daibo a good find?

hey guys. look at my daibo. is this good? im using it for now. im exited to use the new Ruby gem on 1.0.7 yay~
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I see a polearm?
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All 2H weapons except Skorns are rubbish, and even the skorn market is saturated. The ruby wont work well on it due to the low IAS.
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im sorry. just switched to the daibo now. please look. it has good stats
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It definitely rolled well. Unfortunately most people using a 2-hand go with Skorn, like Shade said :( And you really don't want to rely on vit in a weapon. Even without the vit it rolled nice though.
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noooooooooooooo. me thought i got instant gold right there :(
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Depends, because when you search it with the vit out it brings up almost all skorns, but they are also pricey skorns...
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aww what a shame, such insane rolls :(

Unfortunately it's too fast for TR and won't benefit much from Ruby because it doesn't have +50% damage stat.

I guess it's still a decent weapon but definitely not worth much.
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Sorry mate, it has great stats but at the end of the day it is still a crap weapon. Maybe worth around 3 mill only. However if you are happy with it it is a good drop. Maybe a good weapon for a tempest build, go check the guides for that build and see if it is suitable. If you are to persist with it then you need to put IAS on as many items as you can. Good luck.

edit: looks like tempest rush is out of the equasion.
Edited by oldman54#6284 on 1/27/2013 2:21 PM PST
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It's not that good. I have an Inna's Reach that has over 1300 dps and a socket. Unfortunately, I can't even use it for TR due to the fact it has 1.22 APS.

And normal primary-stat Skorns without life-steal are able to roll up to more than 1400 dps. His daibo isn't special.
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I found a diabo that has 430+ dexterity and I think 990 base dmg. How much could I sell it for?
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01/27/2013 01:52 PMPosted by Shade
All 2H weapons except Skorns are rubbish, and even the skorn market is saturated. The ruby wont work well on it due to the low IAS.

Not true at all. Putting the new gem in a skorn especially for tr users helps out immensely.. Low attack speed and low cc why not hit like a brick? When I add it to mine it goes up 9k.
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01/27/2013 07:26 PMPosted by bapdawg110
When I add it to mine it goes up 9k.

Assuming 9k more than a 100 crit gem? If so then all i can say is wow.

01/27/2013 02:34 PMPosted by Cyrus
It's not that good

Geez mate sometimes it doesn't hurt to just congratulate someone on what seems to be a very good drop for them. Remember your first legendary drop? i do and i laugh at my reaction at the time.

Edit, just saw his elite kill amount, either a troll or is playing an account that he bought, either way with that much experience he should know better.
Edited by oldman54#6284 on 1/27/2013 9:44 PM PST
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@oldman54 yeah replacing the 100 cd gem. Tried finding the plan last night on ptr but no luck so far.. Want to see if the damage calculators are correct.
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