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Why I play Hardcore

01/27/2013 10:52 AMPosted by erosinnin
die because of lag or droped connection

The only reason i dont play hardcore. some !@#$ like that happens to me and i think ill suplex my computer then hit with an elbow drop from my bed.
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01/28/2013 10:19 AMPosted by egoodie
The only reason i dont play hardcore. some !@#$ like that happens to me and i think ill suplex my computer then hit with an elbow drop from my bed.

That's the kind of intensity a game is supposed to provide, not the everlasting boredom that is SC.
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HC is essentially the best.
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This and the fact that there is no RMAH and the AH actually have items with a reasonable price.
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Playing hardcore is like playing softcore, only slower, with worse gear, and randomly Blizzard deletes your character.

No thanks.
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01/28/2013 12:02 PMPosted by bigtexasdan
Playing hardcore

I don't think you should play hardcore, it's not a barbie dress up game like SC.

Try this


don't worry, you won't die in that game either.
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Playing hardcore is like playing softcore, only slower, with worse gear, and randomly Blizzard deletes your character.

No thanks.

I play just as fast, with just as good gear and I've never lost a hero due to a disconnect.

There's no doubt in my mind, Hardcore is the way to play if you're into D3 for the fun of it.

Softcore is for botters/gold-farmers, the dumb-dumbs that buy from the botters/gold-farmers, and all the sissies that are too afraid of HC. Oh and the unlucky ones that don't have a reliable internet connection.
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For many, the meat of the game is the item hunt, and softcore is enough for that path for them. They might try Hardcore, but not really get too much into it. That's OK, Diablo 3 accomodates that. For others, Hardcore is the only way to go and once you dive into the deep end where the sharks are, you never go back to the other end of the pool where the kiddie steps are. That's OK too, because Diablo 3 lets you rock it your way too.

Whatever your choice is, as long as you enjoy it, nobody can take that away from you**.

** Excluding lag, disconnects, and random acts of tripping over the ethernet cable while trying to drink coffee.

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I love Hardcore because I feel like every moment is more engaging. It stinks to lose a hero, but I just remind myself that Diablo is really about killing monsters and that happens whether I am level 5 on normal or level 60 (72) in Inferno. Also, I find the dangers that lie outside of what you can control is part of the hardcore intrigue for me, and can be significantly minimized by careful play-style, spec choices, and gearing.
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I might play my HC DH for real actually. rofl. Its been sitting there this whole time. Good post.
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01/27/2013 11:23 AMPosted by xJNx
so the best HC players don't have lag spikes, rubberbanding, lost connections? maybe the servers for HC are less congested? I am thinking about making HC character, but afraid of technical difficulties killing me

I ocassionally have lag spikes and rubber-banding but I usually see these in early play and log back off. I did lose a level 14 HC monk to a lag Spike but for the most part my connection is very stable.

The chance to lose your HC character really amps it up even when you have ran that content like 400 times in SC.
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hardcore is fun when your internet connection is really stable.

but its rare when I can know with certainty that nothings gonna throw a wrench in the gears.
I have 4 other people in my household. most of the time on a good connection they don't affect my gaming. but sometimes one of them likes to torrent things, or stream netfix. sometimes several of them.

also when the weather is bad my internet gets affected. and I live in a new area thats still under construction, so there have been times where the power surges or they need to shut off the internet for 10 minutes or so for god knows what reason. I live in a gated community thats only 1/2 built right now (econemy slowed the construction here to a crawl and they started filling the finished houses before finishing the neighborhoods)

I like hardcore. but I'm to afraid to play it most of the time. I don't like it when hours and hours get wasted (a hardcore death thats not my fault is a waste of the hours I put into it, one that is my fault is a lesson)

there are alot of people who agree with you dude. but due to the online only requirement play softcore anyway

I think everyone that even ponders playing HC has to realize when they think of dying in HC and losing their character and or time. In the end when you are done with D3 no matter HC or SC all that time is gone. Do what is fun for you.

I litterally had more than 3000 hours invested in D2 and LOD. In the end I eventually quit after 10 years. What I have to show for it is good memories and fun.
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Been a busy week. Hopefully I can start up my HC WD soon.
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Short and sweet -

Softcore -

I can actually play this game with my friends.

Hardcore -

Every time I die I get to play sub-60 D3.

Sub-60 D3 sucks.
Not having more than 12% move speed from gear until you hit Nightmare sucks.
Not having all your skills available to use sucks.
Not facing elites with four affixes sucks.

And I'm supposed to care about the AH differences, as if the prices of everything that's not perfect isn't deflated to nothing in SC?
And I'm supposed to be happy about finding blue items that are single digit upgrades on my fourth level 5 Demon Hunter?

So yeah, go ahead HC supporters and tell me how great it is to replay the earliest, slowest, and dullest parts of Diablo 3, over and over again. Oh and be sure to insult me while doing so, because that definitely supports your cause.
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I would play HC if it was offline. I'd rather Die due to my own stupidity than to bad connections. Sure, lag, that old excuse, well I don't live in the US, but the US server gives me the best ping so I have to use it. But even then I still drop out enough to make HC not worth my time.
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My final thoughts on HC. Hardcore Character death's come with a story. I have 3 HC characters and 3 stories.'

(1) Creeper - My first dead HC Barbarian. I got him into Act 2 Hell and I was down in one of the caves in the Desolate Sands. ran into an elite pack of Giant Spiders. I waded in to do battle and got his hard for about 45% - 50% of my life. I used Leap to get away and as I hit the ground I was Vortex'd in again and hit again dropping me down to about 10% of my life. Unfortunately I had engaged the spiders at a choke point and when they vortex'd me back I ended up on the unexplored side of the map. With 10% of my life left I took off running into the unexplored map and noticed that I was able to outrun the Elite Pack. I came to a stop and was watching the direction the spiders might come from and seeing I had about 3 seconds before I could hit my potion I was hovering over Q when a Rock Worm came up from right below me. Instantly Dead! What a great rush it was.

(2) Tiki - My second HC Witch Doctor and he died painfully mostly to over-confidence. I made it to Act 1 Hell (Fields of Misery) and I was honestly just rolling over everything I ran into. This time I ran into an Elite Pack of the giant Buffalo type monsters, Sorry don't remember what their name was. Normally in HC if I run into something that hits that hard with a charge ability I will kite them and in this case a stand of trees makes a perfect kiting tool. Well they had teleport and I started my Kite around the trees one teleported right on top me and hit me hard which stunned me and slowed my movement, I hit Spirit Walk and moved away from the group, Spirit Walk ran out and I got charged by two at the same time which triggered Spirit Vessel and saved my life for about 3 seconds till I was teleported onto again and one-shotted with my less than 50% life.

(3) Charlie Robot (Monk) - He died the post painful and stupid death of the three. After loosing my WD I was in mourning and went back to SC, I believe the Paragon patch had just came out. I had level'd him to Level 14 and was somewhere in the middle of Act 1. A friend that played HC paged me and said she had a weapon so I joined her game grabbed the weapon and than of coruse left and went back to SC paragon leveling. A week or so later I felt the itch of HC and returned to my Monk. Jumped into a game MP3 ran into the first quest of Act 4 and started swinging and nothing was taking damage. It suddenly hit me about 3 seconds before I died i was a level 14 character what was I doing in Act 4? That's right it was my friends game and I forgot to change back. Anyway I died, but immediately started right back up in HC and I am still loving it.

10 bonus points if anyone can figure out the common thread of my dead HC Characters names. It's old but you should be able to figure it out with a little thought.
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