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A question for the theorycrafters.......

I have a statement that may not necessarily be true, but I dont think the gap is as wide as most people think. I propose the following.....

I hear people talk about how an DW IAS Build will do more dps than a comparable DPS 2H (Skorn build) and how it is just paper DPS.....

But will it really?

The problem I see with that statement is that is that while the DW IAS might have lots of fast attacks, proccing tons of tornadoes in the process, the Cyclones will hit like wet noodles because the damage is based of of your weapon damage (Which is purely Calculated by Your Weapon damage and your primary Skill). So if say if youre running an 1100 DPS wep and only 2k dex but have lots of secondary stats (IAS, Crit chance, Crit damage) That might give you more PAPER dps, but your fast spawning cyclones will not hit that hard.

2H Builds however, will spawn a lot fewer cyclones, but the ones you do spawn will hit like a truck, and might hit for enough damage to make up for the damage of 4 or 5 cyclones from the DW Guy

So, the question is, Am I right? Or am I crazy?

Ill give you my profile here


And some guy withcomparable paper dps with A decent amount of attack speed and Attacks per second gear (EF combo)


Whose sweeping wind DPS is going to win out, and whats the math behind it. Im really curious to know, thanks!
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To be honest, there's no need to theorycraft that much since you can gather some empirical data.

You can actually time yourself against a singular opponent, e.g. Azmodan, see the amount of hit points it has and then calculate your effective DPS.

Since bosses/elites/mobs do not have resistances, it is a good measure.

I have a life-steal Skorn, and I take probably 10~15 seconds more to kill Azmodan on the same MP.

Do note that in a normal run, mobs are all over the place, so you might be doing more or less damage.
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Tornado damage is based on AWD, DEX, CHC, and CHD (because tornadoes can crit). If two players have identical paper DPS values, their vortex damage will be equal, and their tornado damage will vary based on CHC, if I'm remembering correctly. But that should be it. If you have a 2H weapon with a 1.0 APS that does 1000 damage per hit, and I have two 1H weapons with a 2.0 APS that do 500 damage per hit, our tornado DPS will be equal if all other factors are equal.
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I think the main thing that DW has over 2H is the fact that you can get two sockets. Cyclones do damage at a fixed rate of twice per second (so I've seen), which implies that the total damage inflicted doesn't depend on your weapon wield.

DW also has an advantage for attacks with an animation time, like WoL. If your animation is very slow, you risk being interrupted in the middle of the attack.
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