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Sooo...Barbs forgot how to dual weild?

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When folk see this i think their immediate thought is skorn plus another 2H weapon = super dps but that wouldn't be the case..traditionally Barbs could only dual wield two-hand swords not any two-handed weapon. i suppose for the cry babies a decent compromise could be only allowing one 2H and a 1H sword.
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Only way this would work is if they nerf down the damage so where your damage rises but your defence drops massively. It won't be much use due to barbarians are melee. Giving them Two 2-handed weapons is a good idea but they need to have a big disadvantage... Like a longer cooldown on all spells or.. a longer global cooldown.. or a very slow attack speed.
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All of you bashing this post are not classic diablo players and lose respect from classic diablo players like my self by not agreeing with the fact he/she has a point about dualwielding 2h weapons just seems stupid that the barbarians can no longer do that in diablo 3 i played a barbarian in diablo 2 and a warrior in diablo 1(elixer dupe pro here d1) And if you are argueing with the fact that it will increase damage insanely high its not true either because of weapon damage % reduction from dualwielding them thats all i got to say

think before you bash the topic please guys maybe blizzard will take the fourms more serious
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Wow... buff Barb?

Barb already spin2win, and with this request... how about making all monsters and elites immediately explode and die when it see a barb dual weal 2 handed weapon.

There is a reason why it is call: 2 handed weapon.

Stop being low using gender to justify your request. Barb or Enchantress, both are with 2 hands.

Man, I am so sick of the amount of people who are negative, critical and just plain stupid.

Rather than post a whiny baby rant about how powerful Barbarians are already, offer some constructive answers or ideas, rather than just being short-sighted and thinking the OP was asking for another buff.

"There is a reason why it is call: 2 handed weapon."

You may find that some swords that are classed as being "two-handed" weapons can be used with one hand by an individual with enough strength and stamina, and I'm not talking about computer games. In the terminology, the term "two-handed sword" defines a weapon that is intended for use PRIMARILY with two hands (i.e. not restricted to...).

Did you actually PLAY a Barb in D2? They did a fine job of balancing the ability to dual-wield two-handed weapons. It wasn't overpowered because they adjusted the game mechanics.

There is no reason why a Barbarian should not be able to wield two "2-handed" weapons, and suffer some kind of stat penalty to balance the mechanics (as many have said here).

For the purpose of aesthetics, if nothing else, I agree completely with the OP - Barbarians should be able to dual-wield 2-handed weapons.

Be more constructive or shut the hell up.
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I thinks it is more Esthetic side of question rather than request to make Barbs stronger. Esthetically Barb with 2 2-Handed Swords looks much pretty than with 2 1-Handed Swords.

Monks also can wield 2 1-Handed Swords - so ability to wield 2 2-Handed Swords should differ Barbs from Monks.
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As i remember, in D2 only 2H swords could be dual-weild. So it's not like you can use 2xSkorn. And since all legendary 2H swords are crap anyway, blizz could safely allow to dual-weild them possibly in the following manner:
- No 15% dual-weild attack speed buff while at least one of your weapons is 2H sword (but you could totally use EF for offhand).
- Possibly damage gets reduced for 1h-style
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I support this thread.

It's like the retcon truck crashed into Blizzard HQ.

Dual-wield 2Handers and balance, as how it should have been as the sequel to D2.
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they hate d2 vets. just about anything that came from d2 to d3 is horrible.
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01/31/2013 04:00 AMPosted by VAG
they hate d2 vets. just about anything that came from d2 to d3 is horrible.

that is big mistake then.
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I support dual wielding 2H's as long as there is a 50% damage reduction penalty. lol. Seriously though if you want to wield two two handers go roll a warrior in WoW. K thanks.
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what do u want next? unlimited fury?
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There are many "forgets" form d1 through to d3. I cannot be bother about reading the rest but here would of been my slant on the idea.

Strength cap the second weapon, so you could only use 2, 2 hander's with the required amount of strength cap, OK say 2-3000? maybe more, but high enough it would be at the detriment of vitality on items. And have a skill that balances the rest maybe.

Personally there is a lot more wrong with the game and its items than giving a barb more DPS, but game developers dont seem to have a logic chip in their brain these days. I do see where your coming from, where a ickle sorceress toon is running about with a 2 handler twice as heavy as her.
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01/27/2013 10:06 PMPosted by RaveaAngel
Isnt barbarians supposed to be big, strong and HEAVY? How in the world are they able to outrun and outfarm every other class? If they are dual welding 2h weapons which increases their weight, they should have lower attack speed and not be able to sprint like the wind? In terms of speed, i think they should be lagging behind all the other classes because they are so big, strong and HEAVY LOL

Have you seen Uber Siegebreaker's charge attack? That little twerp runs faster than my demon hunter at 24% movement speed, and he's at least 20x larger than any Barbarian, LOL!

Reduced movement speed would definitely balance it out. And since they're Unique Equpped, it's not like you're gonna have a lot of people dualing two Skorns. (I might dual a Skorn and a Maximus... I love the demon proc on that, LOL!)
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The point is not that the enchantress is a female, The point is the barbarian does not appear to be an Alzheimer's patient who forgot he can hold two, two handed weapons. The point is why would the giant unreasonably large weapon swinging barb all the sudden go nah I don's dual wield 2 handers anymore. Degenerative bone disease weakened his wrists?
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It would be cool to see this defining characteristic of the Diablo 2 barb return in D3.

Not all 2h types were dual wield in D2 though, like the biggest axes/maces
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I came back.

Because I have ADHD and Diablo is the only thing that cures this deficiency.

Can't i get a welcome back? Or should i make a 'Welcome back' thread.

In any case, if you have nothing constructive to say, then leave, thanks :P Or you can stay and be "that guy", ya know , the one that annoys everyone with useless information.

ATTENTION! There's an attention *prostitute* on the forums! Everybody come here and give this person here your full attention!
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01/27/2013 09:00 PMPosted by Shékinah
Whats the deal?

You would prefer we all run around with 2 skorns? There's alot of balance there...
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I agree that it would be nice but on the other hand it could require a passive skill spot that would balance things such as allowing to use two hand weapons but reducing movement speed by X% or perhaps reducing armor, or decrase bonus from stats by 20%. etc.

I am also a classic player but I feel dual wielding immortal kings mace without any downside can sound a bit exxagerated. I can personally wield two maces in real life but that would greatly decrease my movement and attack speed. I would only do it for the look
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01/31/2013 11:26 AMPosted by Maverick
Whats the deal?

You would prefer we all run around with 2 skorns? There's alot of balance there...

Since you can have two of the same legendaries equipped that state "unique-equip". Secondly its obvious there is a negative penalty for equipping 2 two-handers just like every other game out there. Please educate yourself in game mechanics before posting.
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