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Sooo...Barbs forgot how to dual weild?

The fact is those companies were not nearly as strong as they are RIGHT NOW. They are only strong because video games became popular. Blizzard was coming off a strong net gain of 11+ million a month WOW subscribers, they had zero need to partner with anyone over the design choices of Diablo 3. Blizzard is the Zenith of how rich a video game company can become. 10M x 15$ x 12 MO = 1,800,000,000. With all that cash income they couldn't seem to put I don't know maybe more then 10 unique items of real value in Diablo 3 of unique value? Or umm balance stuff? Or Come out with Pvp, live everyone else in the 21st century gaming community? Or Even have time to finish through a single play through of Inferno difficulty as they admittedly didn't, maybe find out statistics of drop variables and compare them with the original Diablo drop formulas? Or Design some kin... oh screw it I could write a novel about the amount they messed up.
The fact is, when their fans were screaming at the top of their lungs that they were doing it wrong, they chose to ignore them. Instead they chose to go with their gut instincts with everything, and ignore previous design structure.

Cash =/= good game design.
Also many of these games were highly acclaimed during a period in which the only available feedback was units sold.
In any case, your points on Diablo may be relevant but your comparison to my points aren't.
Stop digging a deeper hole for yourself and move on.
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an example of this is shown here



How is this strong as hell hero, not able to hold two of what a normal man could not? [/li][/b]

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    This is a video of a Frenzy Barbarian in Diablo 2, and it shows him using two 2 handed weapons.


  • you could only use twohand swords as dual wield. So it was very limited in its use.

    Although, it was pretty awesome to dual wield two colossus blades
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    01/27/2013 09:04 PMPosted by Veda
    Barb already spin2win, and with this request... how about making all monsters and elites immediately explode and die when it see a barb dual weal 2 handed weapon.

    Well.... that just sounds fun!
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    01/28/2013 01:11 AMPosted by TheSaint
    No troll here! Not an ounce in my blood! I just report the facts. :D

    I have been here for quite some time Cybergoat, about 8 years as a matter of true fact. I am still convinced you don't know what you are talking about. Even though you claim certain things, along with other people who are sudden experts in isolinear RPG's that they haven't played in years, and suddenly have wonderfully extravagant factoids and opinions on how the people who have played the game for a decade have no idea what they are talking about because you say so.

    Diablo 3 should have been built in compartments, ignoring the people who called themselves fans, and opting for a vetting system. MVP's if you will. No one as a D3 forum MPV current has any extensive knowledge of the Diablo mechanics. The closest to any kind of intelligent Diablo discourse my guess would be Sixen, that is only because he actually participated in the debates that took place long before you got here. Even he cannot begin match my D2 knowledge. The World of Warcraft MVP title holders being allowed in Diablo 3 forums with the same titles is blasphemy.

    If a tournament began tomorrow and everyone wore standard sets of gear, I guarantee no Blizzard defender would place in top1000th spot. Pvm doesn't count for squat. Killing AI all day long doesn't make you a good player, or a more insightful tactician. It just means you can wipe the cheeto dust off your sweat pants as you one hand ww with your macro'ed mouse.
    Not sure where the personal attack is coming from. I must have offended you in a previous life. Or maybe you confused me with another poster in this thread, because I never spoke about my previous experience with RPGs.

    So... good day to you, sir.
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    OP: Shékinah isn't asking for a buff on barb in damage or utility... just the ability to dual wield two handed weapons. I fathom from this even at the expense of losing all the stats from the offhand weapon. He is just a nostalgic D2 barb. :)
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    This will probably not be implemented ,but pls for the love of god BUFF barb we need it .
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    While I'm not going to say D3 should have all the same attributes of D2...this should definitely be implemented as soon as they can reasonably put it in.

    OP, don't be dissuaded by the more moronic in our community. I remember months ago, seeing an inordinate amount of posts regarding the Demon Hunter apparently having a bug that allowed him to carry a two handed bow or crossbow AND a quiver! Seriously, they were literally all over the damn place.

    Apparently, these geniuses didn't realize that just because the quiver is equipped in his "off hand" gear slot, the DH doesn't actually carry the quiver, he wears it on his back! So his hands are free for any combination of a 2h crossbow and quiver, 2h bow and quiver, or 2 1h crossbows...should be able to equip a quiver with that, technically. Actually, that being the case, DHs should probably be allowed to use a 1h crossbow, a quiver on their back and a shield...I don't know, I'd give that a try, even if no one else would.

    Suffice to say, I totally agree with this idea being implemented. I like that D3's classes offer different options, pros and cons when equipping gear. The Barbarian being able to equip two 2h weapons (or at least a 2h weapon in his main hand and a 1h weapon in his off hand, bare minimum, in case his offhand is weaker than his main hand) is exactly that kind of option.

    Simply put...no other classes can do that because they're not strong enough. The Barb is absolutely strong enough to manage it. He sure looks it anyway.
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    Oh i deleted the GrandFather i found, since it's basically useless in D3.

    But i love having that in my mainhand and some lightsabers/scourge as offhand in D2.
    GF in D2 was very rare, so im kinda proud of it even the roll were not that so awesome.
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    Yes, please let us DW skorns also :D

    Nah but DWing 2H swords wouldnt be so bad.
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    By the fact that there's no 2-handed sword in the game that one might actually use it would be good idea to make it so that at least 2H swords can be dual wielded. You wouldn't feel so bad when you drop those crappy 2H legendary swords all the time. At the moment they are only functional as brimstones.

    from (EU)
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    I have to agree with the OP which doesn't happen ever. The one thing I loved about Blizzard games was the Titan's Grip awesomeness. That is a skill in wow for warriors to dual wield 2 handers. I thought it was native to WoW until I realized when I went back to Diablo 2 that barbs (warrior archtype) used it as well. It was literally the reason I played WoW for about 3 months. I hate most things about WoW but dual wielding two handed weapons was something I could acknowledge as fun.
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    Ha Ha ha you guys crack me up.... just enjoy the game thats all it is ... A GAME...
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    Judging from community feedback on this thread, it's no wonder they didn't care to make a game true to the sequels... original community is dead and got replaced with unintelligent minors.
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    dual wielding 500 str 2handers? 12%/5 life steal? 600% crit damage? Weapon damage isnt the only thing man.
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