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To invest or not

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A very simple question for the guys who duel and farm at the same time.

Should i invest in getting pvp gear now that prices are low and are items are easy to come by or wait till the patch goes live then start investing.

Is pvp reaching its finality in terms of balance? if not, will it ever be balanced? any ideas when the patch becomes live.

thank you in advance
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I don't duel much, but from more of a business standpoint, I think prices will remain high and go even higher. You biggest problem will be supply. Many of the good shields I saw in the AH are now gone... All those crafted swords have been picked over. IMHO, buy now or there won't be much later to buy.
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Lestat makes some good points but they continue to tool around and modify dueling. If you pick something up they change something affecting the item you picked up that would suck. It's all a gamble but the safe bet is to wait for the patch to hit then shop until you find the right gear for the right price. No rush dueling will always be there until PvP team deathmatch hits of course.
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You probably would have got your gear much cheaper a month ago but imo if you wait longer it'll only get worse for the most part. That is unless you want to wait a really long time like 3-4 months then prices might go back to normal by then or if pvp ends up being super popular it could be worse :(

I was actually going to start gearing for dueling again about a week ago and then I found out the pvp patch was already announced I was pretty frown town about what was going to happen with the prices of items.
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01/27/2013 10:09 PMPosted by BigBadWolf
Is pvp reaching its finality in terms of balance? if not, will it ever be balanced?

pvp in the current ptr is far from balance

with the change at the helm of d3 ( jay wilson ) perhaps we can see d3 pvp reaching competition level gameplay in terms of sc and wow in the near future.
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