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Taking Gloom over Caltrops...when and why?

So I'm working with my first demon hunter at the moment. I just hit plvl2 I'm in act IV He'll and I run a standard build. Spray, BL, Tumble, Bat, Caltrops, and Prep...I notice that most of the top DH's run the same build except with one major difference...they drop Caltrops for Shadoe Power-Gloom. I'm wondering how I should adapt my play style to frog this build...and at what point should I make the switch? I'm assuming as soon as I have problems with survivability...right now I'm sitting at 190k dps...so I'm assuming that's gonna be in Inferno MP3+...MP10 Hell I'm still one shotting most things...

Thanks for any and all input in advance...
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I don't know about most demon hunters, but I built my demon hunter to be able to take hits and to be able to tank while under gloom. I shoot mobs at a distance but once they get on me I just tank them in gloom. Some demon hunters prefer to kite in which case you'll want to have a way to slow the mobs with caltrops or you could pickup a cold ring/ammy and use skills to take advantage of it or use a Windforce for the knockback. But every demon hunter needs gloom for the mitigation and life gain at some point. But there's absolutely no reason you can't run caltrops and gloom in the same build, in fact a lot of demon hunters do that either for bait the trap or jagged spikes. Once you get in higher MP levels you absolutely cannot avoid taking hits so you need gloom, well I suppose you could avoid taking most hits but it would be extremely inefficient.
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please read this and adapt to a more optimal build so you can level faster, kill faster and get more loot
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Once you hit Inferno, mobs will hit harder and elites can have 4 affixes. It will become more difficult to rely purely on kiting. You will end up in situations where you're faced with a waller, jailer, arcane, and molten in a confined space and your kiting options will be limited. At that point you will need the damage reduction and healing from Shadow Power Gloom. For me that point came around Act 2 in the Cave of the Betrayer under the Desolate Sands and Smoke Screen just wasn't cutting it as its duration was too short and does not heal. But I reached that point back in patch 1.0.4 before mob damage was reduced 25%. Still, I think you'll eventually reach a point when you'll want Shadow Power.
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