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143k Archon - question abt upgrading weapon

Currently using Echoing Fury (1243 dps) with no socket. I want to get my crit dmg up so I'm looking into Echoing Fury with a socket but my budget only affords socketed Echoing Fury's with ~1100-1150dps.

My question is, how much crit dmg % will I need to make this an upgrade and not a waste of money. In other words, at what point does an 1100dps weapon with X% crit dmg (from a gem) balance the dps provided by a 1243dps weapon?

I currently have 47.5% crit chance (50.5 w/ follower) & 168% crit dmg
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Actually just checked and my real crit dmg at this time is 218%
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It will add to your dps by 10-20k. Socket weapons are never a waste of money, if you are not sure, use dmg calculator (like http://www.d3rawr.com/d) and you will see the exact number.

But i would rather go for lower (1000-1050) dps and LS together with socket, especially if you want to farm higher MP.
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thanks for the link.

i currently farm MP3 comfortably at 143k

i also anticipate that with nerfs to reflect dmg in 1.07, LS will be useful but not as necessary at high MP (at least not as much as it is now, but obv that remains to be seen)

i'll consider your suggestion of lower dps + socket + LS tho (if I can afford it XD)
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Get a 1K DPS Butcher's Sickle with 100+ INT 2.7 LS and an OS. Drag Chance doesn't matter because the proc has an internal cooldown.
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The reflect damage nerf is not that significant on PTR right now. Many people are overestimating how much it's being nerfed IMO.
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Well from my experience, you can't survive without LS in MP4+ and it's not just RD. Well you can, but the farming will be really ineffective and you will die a lot. Archon is a tank build, you don't kite (just teleport).
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