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my barb is so worthless

can anyone help me out? :(
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Whats ur budget? If its 1m and under then i suggest u take a look at my female barb. She can solo mp1 Inferno without any problem
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Copy/Paste from a post I just made 30secs ago.

Check this thread out if you haven't already:

Uberjager also has a thread but I didn't see it in the quick glance I took of the forum. Just search for it and you'll find it.

Next, if you want to be able to test how gear changes are going to affect you, start using:

You can import your character and change any piece of gear you want. This way you can see how changes affect you before you waste your hard earned gold.

That should get you started.
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the problem is i need more dps and health and i only have 4m
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Short of putting money into the game you're just going to have to do what all of us have done to get to this point. Make incremental upgrades and keep grinding until you find sweet stuff or find sweet stuff that you can sell. It will happen eventually it just takes time.

What is your strategy for farming?


Also those guides should tell you how to do this on a budget. xxxkhan has a low budget barb that can cruise mp1 inferno. That level is all you need to farm effectively. That's how I got to where I am now.
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farming act 3 mp0 as fast as possible
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Are you able to do mp1 reasonably effective? How fast are your current runs on mp0? mp1?

MP1 will give you a better chance of finding higher level gear. Though only slightly it's significant enough that the minor difference in difficulty is worth it.
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well i die a lot by elites :/ im not sure what i could do with my gear to not die at all like i have about 550 all resist and 5% lifesteal
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Your life is way too low which means you need vit upgrades. Grab some more vit on your pants and shoulders, chest too if you can afford it. 20k life is just way to low unfortunately.

Vile Wards are only really good on the really higher end scale since the str can be huge. But it's only good if you can also get a big vit on them. Right now you can easily find a str/vit/res shoulders which will shore up your life a ton. Remember that you need to have vit stacked on the non-damage pieces in your set. Shoulders and chest are the most important places for that.
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so ditch the strength on my chest?
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No, keep strength on your chest but increase the vit. I only really mentioned the chest because that's one of the pieces where vit is very important. Another thing you can try doing is to flip some gems to purple to gain more life. Again you'll lose damage but damage means nothing if you're always dead.
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