Diablo® III

Where do puzzle rings drop?

I just saw one and look interesting, how often does the proc go off? Enough to be worth using during farming?

Curious what their drop region is, and on a related note is there a site that tells you what level range mobs at what act/area can drop?
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I had the same question as you and decided to try it out. I bought a puzzle ring a few days ago and decided to test it out. I had read on the forums weeks back that a person had bought one for 2M (a while back) and that he felt he made his money back. Puzzle rings are now 5M and I wanted to see if it was worth it.

My conclusion is no. At 5M the puzzle ring is not worth it, especially for you who has a Leoric Signet. After doing many, many runs with MAX MF and using the trick switching the ring back and forth between my follower (if you don't switch back and forth there is a 15 minute wait time between goblins) and I found that I would get one goblin per area. With MAX MF I would get an additional 2 rares per area. At 2M the ring is worth it but at 5M the ring is a waste of money and hampers your follower's survival skills (my follower usually never dies or dies once per an entire run of 4-5 areas, with the Puzzle ring it was a lot more). That being said some friends have puzzle ring(s) but all but one is Paragon 90 and above. They play a lot and spend a considerable amount of time playing and for the it might be worth it putting it on their follower and themselves (if you are P100 then who cares about experience). But if I had a leoric's signet like you the puzzle ring would not help. I would 100% prioritize paragon leveling and so can't switch the ring back and forth which makes it fairly useless. Without switching the ring back and forth between you and your follower I get one additional goblin per entire run (15 minutes) and you use it very well in multiplayer games unless you switch puzzle rings with your fellow gamer (I am actually going to try that soon).

I hope that helps. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

PS: Puzzle Rings drop on Act III Nightmare. So if you are power leveling someone there you have a chance of getting it.
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Thanks, I'm slowly working on leveling a wiz that at some point will hit act 3 nightmare so thought I might hang around there a few days out of boredome, I got lucky with signet that took 2 weeks, who knows thatnks for info though :>
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