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Is it worthy to do wynshire in HC?

Hi all. I have been farming with my second barb, which has high blockage and ehp. I´ve chosen this build because of my internet connection, but we all know that the most we can do is minimize the effect of a d/c never to be totally immune to it.

What i normally do is see how my connection is and if i feel it is ok, farm act 3 or 4 (still trying to get the plan from the warden). However, the act i enjoy the most is the 1, so i thought if it would be worthy to do my regular run in act 1 and if the connection is reasonably stable finish it with wynshire.

I´ve tested wynshire extensevely in the PTR, and although i dont think i could survive a d/c there, the fact that i would first run my regular route in act 1 would give me a good idea whether to finish the run with wynshire or not.

During my tests and also from friend´s inputs, it seems that most of the damage at wyn is physical, would that be a correct assertion? Also 1 out of 10 times i found two elite packs together, but never three. That was the only time my life dropped to about 60 %, so it seems like safe farming for me there with my build, but would it be worthy in terms of drops and paragon exp? Tnx.
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My HC buddy and I are certainly interested in going to Whimsyshire and try our luck. Is it worth it, you guys?
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The ONLY reason to farm in Whimsyshire is if you are looking specifically for two drops:

The Horadric Hamburger

Both of these items ONLY drop in Whimsy, and it the only reason people EVER farm there.

Act 3 is still the only place that you should be farming for paragon xp / drops... Hands down.
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I'm going to say yes and no....

Yes- in the fact that it will drop act 3&4 drop table items, meaning you can get the higher tier legendaries and items the same as you would if you were doing act 3 or 4 in inferno.

No- b/c the map is huge, and the packs and mobs are not very dense. Couple that with the fact there is alot of back tracking to clear the whole map and the monsters are the most difficult in the game.

I think just doing act 3 is a more efficent option, although the pony level is a refreshing change of pace as opposed to just doing act 3 over and over, but to be honest farming whimsyshire is the equivilent of farming act 4... just not very efficent.

hope this helps
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It's an easy 4-5 elite packs. I did it sometimes just to get nv stacks.
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Its a nice change from the A3 scenery lol and the music will help LOL! Its like a brief intermission to the regular grind:) DO EEETTTT!
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For one thing, that entrance can be very crowded.
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