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Help my zombie bear/acid cloud wd

tell me what you think and where i should try to upgrade etc, thanks for looking :D
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Take a look at my build for a general idea for a well rounded AC/bears/WOS set. I would try and get a Vision of Giyua with AC+CC crit rates. (requires SOS so pick up radius elsewhere)

Chance to freeze on belt and stun on gloves help when using acid cloud.

Also recommend Lacuni's for 24% movement

After that I would try and get your armor up to over 4k

then the long road of saving for a tals ammy with CC
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Looking good these upgrades will not be cheep
zuni ring with crit hit chance and adding some attack speed to your gloves and ammy with the crit dmg and crit chance
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@jimbob ya prowlers are next on my list,

@sajjad thanks justmade today :D

also for soloing , what follower should i be using for best effect?
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I like to have Scoundrel with http://us.battle.net/d3/en/item/burizado-kyanon and his jewelery stacked with attack speed. His 3% critical chance buff is nice dmg buff, and with nice buriza he is great for crowd control.

Templar is for some manareg if you have manareg problems. His healing won't save you.

Enchantress for some armor buff (nerfed at 1.05 from 15% to only 5%) and IAS. But IAS can be problem for mana heavy builds.
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dunno if you'd agree with me but i'd suggest not to invest too much on prowlers, but you need one for quick xp runs. but for higher mp's i think strong arm might fit you better for the near future. It's affordable, gives dps in the form of high int and crit and gives you nice armor and hp. I'd look for plus strength on it as well to give you more armor since you look like you need some.

maybe a quick change may also come from your hellfire ring. i'm sure there's a lot of gain in terms of damage or survivability from there.

oh maybe you can go for topazes on your pants. I think you can survive low mp runs with less health.

other stuff will really cost you gold. i think your next upgrade will be around 40M per piece, since stuff are expensive recently. maybe hold off til next patch. hopefully things get cheaper a few weeks after the patch is released. or try to get lucky in bid wars. good luck!
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thanks guys , and hellfire ring is just used in mp1 to get some extra exp i do walk through mp1 np obv just when i want to start moving up mp im curoius on gear to upgrade first ive got an idea on what i need to do def / ar is in need for sure .. i do have aring that has cc/cd/avg dmg/int/vit that replaces the hellfire adds 18k :P
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