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Why am I struggling?

I feel that for the gear I have I should be able to run higher MP levels. Right now I'm stuck around MP4. Any advice from elite barbs?
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At your dps Lifesteal>LoH. You should consider getting a new mainhand (axe/mace) and a new offhand with lifesteal.

Maybe be a bit more specific how you are struggling?
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Or maybe just ditch the witching hour and get an IK belt like every barb has to do =P.

Also what do you mean by "stuck". Do you keep dying or not killing things fast enough?
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I would say I can kill reasonably fast, no9t like the barbs on youtube hah, but if I could survive MP5+ I would still kill elites in around 30-90 sec (depending on affixes). I find that certain elites just lay me down way too easily, and my sustain just doesnt seem to keep me alive in the middle of an MP5 elite pack.
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There are a lot of different ways you could go.

The easiest way IMO is to get a mempo (with vit if possible), IK belt(with vit if possible), lacunis with cc, and ice climbers(with vit if possible)

You will gain a ton of life%, all resist, and health pool without losing any move speed and gaining some ias

Weapons would be my next upgrade after that. If you get your sustain in order before adding dps I find it easier

Edit: Just noticed your using tyreal's so the lacunis would be optional since you would already have 24%ms without the IK boots

An IK armor is also something to consider but only if you can afford one with decent vitality on it
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At your level of gear I believe that IK Belt > Witching hour. You lack all res and lifesteal which is your main concern. You should consider dropping the Tyraels Might for a rare chest instead or a decent IK chest if you can afford it. That way you can have the 5 piece bonus as well. If you don't like the 5 piece I suggest you drop IK boots for ice climbers and get Lacunis. Lacunis are best in slot due to Attack speed, move speed, and crit chance which are all important stats for barb.
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Wow. Just by switching belt to IK I can now run MP6 without dying, and molten doesn't even break my stride. I'll have to try going higher :) Thanks for all the great advice.
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