As I was farming, I have come across these two Heavy Cranequins. I have been looting magic items to turn them into Exquisite Essences (Inferno essence). From a recent patch (I think), Blizzard said that items will now salvage into materials according to the 'Level required to equip' them, and no longer based on 'Item Level'. That was fine and all, until I stumbled to this.

As you can see, the weapon on the left has a 'Req. Lvl to equip' of 60, while the other one has Lvl 59. They both have the same Item Levels. Notice that there is no 'Reduced level requirement' affix on both weapons, so that possibility is scratched. Upon salvaging them, obviously, the one with lvl 59 lvl req turned into Wishful essence, while the other one of lvl 60 lvl req. turned to Exquisite Essence.

How is this so? Is this a bug of some sort? This new system is indeed confusing. I hope this could be resolved soon as people begin to pick up more magic items now for crafting mats for the 1.07 patch.
Edited by Ochiboy#6488 on 1/27/2013 5:39 AM PST