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Good-bye duel-wield DHs

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I don't have awasome dps on my DH but I played Duel-wield for a long time until I start to farm xp with manticore+DML. After testing the new Ruby and compare output with different numbers, duel-wielding is dead, unless you are very lucky or rich.

You are better off with 1soc_Calamity+DML or 2soc_Manticore+DML

You true dps with Emerald is when you have 100% chc, the number you see with SS loaded, so what does this mean? It means your 100% weapon damage per hit = dps. Assuming we have perfect roll weapons, 100% chd, +50% damage, etc. DML is not used in the calculation. I got the following results:

1soc_Calamity (+0%, +100%, +300% chd on gear)
ALWAYS Ruby >> Emerald
highest dps reached w/o stat = 11006.4

2soc_Manticore (+0%, +100%, +300% chd on gear)
Emerald > Ruby+Emerald > Ruby// Ruby+Emerald > Emerald > Ruby// Ruby > Ruby+Emerald > Emerald
highest dps reached w/o stat = 11883.4

1soc_Danetta_set (+0%, +100%, +300% chd on gear)
Emerald > Ruby+Emerald > Ruby// Ruby+Emerald > Emerald > Ruby// Ruby > Ruby+Emerald > Emerald
highest dps reached w/o stat = 9108
*sidenote: Danaetta with Ruby+Emerald will shot 2 different numbers, result come from the average of the two.

Losing 2000 dps before applying attribute bonus, skill bonus, and other item bonus. You can imagine the huge drop in dps if you stay with duel-wield. Ruby is better at high chc/chd so if you are NOT duel-wielding calamity + Rare that is equally as good as calamity (ie black, same dps, +100 chd, +50%) you will always lose dps.
The number I got from duel-wield Calamity+Calamity
highest dps reached w/o stat = 13007.6
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calamity is unique, better off getting a spite with 100cd and a socket if your going to dual wield. and if your testing on live then your numbers are wrong as min/max damage is not added into the current character sheet dps value. on top of this try keeping up with a speed farm group useing a manti as it wont happen. Manticores are used for mp0 speed farming because they can one shot elites but then loose all sustainability if you want to move with speed equal to barbs.

Iv seen it a number of times. dh rolls up blasts down the elite pack blows all his resources then the barbs and dual wielding dhs sprints off to the next zone and kill another elite by the time he gets there. yea they hit like trucks but good luck hitting 300 massacres on mp3 with it. as it stands i can go from one end of skycrown battlements or the bridge with never dropping sp and chain vaulting because of nightstalker returns. and if i get lucky and my wd friend gets on i just go vengence and drop kick zones with all that hot pick radius on the wd.
Im still on the fence though of dml over a off hand weap.
Edit: the general consensus(in barbs and monks minds) is we always get carryed but its feeling like the larger resource pool to work with solves alot of problems.
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I can't test this on live, how on earth you are going to get +20/20 to boost your dps?

I see people done it with Manticore, you just need to get aps over 2.0, and the damage is nearly double of dw hunter. But of course you will need to control your disc to save up for the lost of hits you can do.
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