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PoE fanboys please stop spamming d3 forums

I tried PoE while it was still in closed beta a few months back and even wasted the bit of money to keep permanent access throughout the closed beta and have kind of kept up with the changes over time.
PoE is nowhere close to being competitive with D3.

Problems with PoE include :
illusion of stat customization : big stat tree but most stat nodes are irrelevant
illusion of skill customization : any class can access any skill because skills are gems
you place into gear, and some skills are so OP they are required
bad item drops : most items are boring and upgrades are lacking, you can go 10s of player levels without finding an upgrade
poor combat engine : hit box is spooty, issues with melee and ranged combat, lacking proper engine to make you feel like you actually hit something
Dated graphics : Game looks like it should have came out 10 years ago
Weak servers : Disconnects are way too common and force you to replay content ( no checkpoint system like d3 )
Insecure playerbase : Apparently PoE fanboys are so enamored with their game that they have to spam the forums of other games about how good it is. Hey PoE fanboys if it is such a good game why aren't you busy playing it?

** I am not claiming D3 is the greatest game ever, or even the greatest overall game currently, or even the greatest loot-based arpg ever ( that is D2:LOD ). However, D3 is the best modern loot-based arpg available.

*** In the past year I have played the following loot-based arpgs :
Diablo 2:LOD, Diablo 3, Torchlight I and Torchlight II, Hellgate:London, Path of Exile.
- If I had to rate that set of games it would be :
1) Diablo II:LOD,
2) Diablo III,
3) Torchlight I,
4)Path of Exile,
5)Torchlight II,

**** In addition I have also played [ or at least tried out ] the following loot-oriented MMO's :
World of Warcraft ( Mists of Pandaria ), Guild Wars 2, Rift, Aion, Tera, Ultima Online (free servers)

However, I am not playing any MMO currently as I think I burnt myself out of the genre -
I quit WoW in November when my Annual Pass expired, I got a refund for Guild Wars 2, Rift is the free trial up to level 20? , Tera was a free 10 day trial, Aion is currently f2p [ i had bought and played it for a few months when it launched ], and Ultima Online is something I have played off an on for over a decade on various free servers

In fact of all the games I listed above, the only one I even still mess with on a regular basis is Diablo III so that has to count for something.
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I'm certainly no fanboy, but I can argue against your first three points.

1. Skill tree complements itemization - I can get my enhancements through leveling and my own personal choices rather through JUST gear. The gear I get can fill the holes left in the passive skill tree, while also being greatly enhanced by my choices. For examples, I'm building a Marauder using nothing but equipment based on Armor (no evasion or energy shield), which are enhanced by all my of my Armor % nodes in the skill tree.

2. Certain gems have stat requirements, which increase as that gem levels up. Being a Marauder, focusing exclusively on strength, any skill gem that uses dexterity and intelligence is useless to me. I *could* build a Marauder that uses magic, but considering where you start on the skill tree as a Marauder, it would take several levels to build up enough passive points to move over into the sections where it would be possible, when I could just start as a class that's closer to those nodes (Witch/Templar).

3. Item drops are fine, and even if I don't find anything, I can go to the NPC merchants (which are actually worth something in this game), and either buy a Magical item, or a base level item and upgrade it through all of those altering Orbs (the real meat of itemization).
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PoE is nowhere close to being competitive with D3.

Profit wise, no it isn't. Current player base, it may be. Making a statement about this would indicate that I know how many players are in each game. I don't know this, but it seems possible.

illusion of stat customization : This is relative. A passive increase of 10 dexterity or 8% damage is not irrelivant. Stating that the majority of nodes are irrelevant is an exaggerated generalization. Players in D3 are willing to spend millions for an extra 200 dps.

illusion of skill customization : Being overpowered is an area of debate. Skill customization is not an illusion. In order to use a specific gem you must meet stat and equipment requirements. If I am a ranger and I build str for str related gems then I am making a sacrifice in dex and int. Oddly enough, this is a choice provided to the player - which, in essence, is customization.

bad item drops : I'm level 30 and I get a useful piece of equipment every level or so. I havent found a single item that I currently use in D3. This is anecdotal generalization.

poor combat engine : I don't have a problem with hit boxes. I can tell when I hit something - my arrow sticks in them, and there is a thud. Are you saying this because you want crit or damage numbers spamming your screen? The pace of combat is a little slower pre 20. It gets much faster in the 20-30 lvl range.

Dated graphics : Fair enough. I don't like the graphics that much either; but I like the gameplay.

Weak servers : There is a checkpoint system. It is in the form of waypoints. You can also join a group on any quest within any act that you want. Additionally, I have lost count of the number of times I have lagged out of D3 to lose my NV stack or gotten disconnected just for browsing the AH.

Insecure playerbase : This is the pot calling the kettle black.
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Title begs to stop the tread spam about PoE.

Makes the 15th tread about PoE.
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