Diablo® III

Crazy Idea for Tal Rasha's set bonus

Here it goes:

2 piece bonus:
+130 Intelligence

3 piece bonus:
Reduce Arcane Power cost of all skills by 5 (Wizard only)

4 piece bonus:
Increases Health Regeneration by 2000 per second
*Periodically overload on Arcane Power

*Every 3 seconds, you spawn an elemental nova centered on yourself. When this occurs, you hit yourself for 32500 damage as Arcane, and the elemental nova (fire, cold, or arcane) you spawn hits for 32500 damage to everything in its radius (same explosion radius as Frost Nova)

Note the implications of this:
a) Conflagration, Cold Blooded, Temporal Flux can all trigger from the set bonus.
b) At certain HP/Armor/Arcane Resist breakpoints, you can trigger Illusionist once every 3 seconds.
c) In most realistic scenarios, the Health Regeneration bonus > the elemental nova backfire damage, so you get a net gain in regen.

Any thoughts?
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2 piece bonus:Increase Arcane Power Regeneration by 2.00 per second (Wizard only)

Make it 130int... or 55AR.or 9IAS... or 50CD... or 6CC.

Regen bonus when APOC gear is readily available is a joke.
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Noted and changed.

Thanks =)
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Please post your ideas here:


That is a thread I made in the PTR forums. Many have chipped in with their ideas and the thread is now up to a healthy 4 pages in lenght.
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I guess it's just particular to CM, but I've just stopped considering anything that happens "per second". Might as well be "2k health for going back to town"

2k health per second? Is that seriously making a difference?
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01/28/2013 04:38 PMPosted by JawnV
2k health per second? Is that seriously making a difference?

Overpowered if anything.
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I think 2k Health per second is fair considering the set is not really SNS-synergetic, and the helm and source are quite a bit weaker than their competitors.

The other part of the effect also takes a chunk out of your HP, so it is there to prevent killing yourself in most cases.

The set gives a boost to all the non-CM non-Archon builds in terms of overall survivability and resource/defensive cooldown management. Offensively the set bonus gives little boost, so I don't think it could be overpowering.
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blizz won't change items already in the game, it's been said 10,000 times; i know you're hopeful but it won't EVAR happen...
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Blizz won't change items already in the game, that's why any changes to the set will only apply to the freshly dropped legendaries.
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