Diablo® III

Biggest upgrade for the DH above you

new dh, just hit 60. not sure what my upgrade should be
more stats
Umm...everything looks good to me o.o. [returning DH here]
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I would upgrade pants next. That shouldnt cost you much.

You used your StarCraft profile btw.
Yeah. Figured that out. My bad.


I'd upgrade that belt first. Inna's maybe for set bonus. Otherwise boss.
@Virus Windforce w socket probably

Not too much I'd see to upgrade but maybe a SoJ for faster elite farm? I'd love to push that much dps.

Gems, Gems, Gems!
@skiotha witching hour
@ assylum DML
@deroga: bracers (2cc is huge) , or gloves with higher cc (better to drop some AS and get CC imho)

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Veritech: Bracers. You may have to give up some of your resist all, but VIT does not have diminishing returns like resist all does.

I'd suggest trying to get a higher %damage Manticore before patch hits.
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TianZi: Something to keep your pants from falling down. Not suspenders.
01/29/2013 07:14 AMPosted by FinnAgain
Veritech: Bracers. You may have to give up some of your resist all, but VIT does not have diminishing returns like resist all does.

tough to upgrade them. I dont like lacunis (prefer dex to AS). I'm only willing to get some without pickup radius if they are 190dex+, I dont think there are any available on the ah atm, but I'll check again later

@tianzi: my 450m manticore now costs 800m on the ah. a better one would be 1b+. too rich for my blood ;)

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You guys are so funny. I can't even imagine spending 450 mil on a weapon. I have 32 mil gold right now. This is the most I have ever had. Most of my items are worth more than that, but I either got them on a lucky deal or found them.
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@Veritech, I would upgrade your shoulders, Vile Ward with some Life or at least vit.

@loki: nice gear (even the hellfire is nice!). maybe get boots with +30 dex? otherwise a trifecta nats ring

I cant change my vile wards...cant live without the pickup radius :)
@veritech: i thought I had low vit until i saw your profile, still nice gear thou
may be trifecta glove? you'll lose some dex but i think it'll be worth it
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